Aero Commander Tour

Aero Commander Tour


This is our first tour featuring the Aero Commander 500. This a 21-leg tour starting and ending in Anchorage(PANC). Going all the way down the Alaska Peninsula than back up heading past Juneau. From there you will have a few stops in Canada before heading back to Anchorage. Some stops will have stop overs between flights. This will be a 3 part tour, with this being part one of three. You will need to complete this one before proceeding to part two. The AC50 has been recently upgraded for P3Dv4, now everyone can enjoy this lovely aircraft. The tour award is automatically awarded after completion of the tour.

Start Date:07.04.2018
Required Rank:Greenhorn
Max. Pilots allowed:100
Allowed Aircraft Types:AC50

Tour Legs

Leg Departure Arrival Duration Details
1 PANC Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport PAIL Iliamna Airport 00:53:00
2 PAIL Iliamna Airport PAII Egegik 00:38:00
3 PAII Egegik PAPH Port Heiden Airport 00:26:00
4 PAPH Port Heiden Airport PACD Cold Bay Airport 00:54:00
5 PACD Cold Bay Airport PADU Unalaska Airport 00:48:00
6 PADU Unalaska Airport KVC King Cove Airport 00:52:00
7 KVC King Cove Airport AK5 Perryville Airport 00:36:00
8 AK5 Perryville Airport KDK Kodiak Municipal Airport 01:19:00
9 KDK Kodiak Municipal Airport PAHO Homer Airport 00:36:00
10 PAHO Homer Airport PACV Merle K 'Mudhole' Smith Airport 00:59:00
11 PACV Merle K 'Mudhole' Smith Airport PAYA Yakutat Airport 00:58:00
12 PAYA Yakutat Airport PAJN Juneau International Airport 00:54:00
13 PAJN Juneau International Airport PASI Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport 00:26:00
14 PASI Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport PAKT Ketchikan International Airport 00:50:00
15 PAKT Ketchikan International Airport PAPG Petersburg James A. Johnson Airport 00:30:00
16 PAPG Petersburg James A. Johnson Airport PAHN Haines Airport 00:53:00
17 PAHN Haines Airport CYHT Haines Junction Airport 00:35:00
18 CYHT Haines Junction Airport CYXQ Beaver Creek 00:44:00
19 CYXQ Beaver Creek D66 Delta Junction Airport 00:53:00
20 D66 Delta Junction Airport PAAQ Palmer Buddy Woods Municipal Airport 00:54:00
21 PAAQ Palmer Buddy Woods Municipal Airport PANC Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport 00:11:00

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Pilot Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4 Leg 5 Leg 6 Leg 7 Leg 8 Leg 9 Leg 10 Leg 11 Leg 12 Leg 13 Leg 14 Leg 15 Leg 16 Leg 17 Leg 18 Leg 19 Leg 20 Leg 21
AKA100 E Baker
AKA101 J Baker
AKA122 S Rogers
AKA143 G Sandoval
AKA161 R Burgess
AKA244 M Miles
AKA244 M Miles
AKA311 D Storms
AKA332 B Smith
AKA401 E Andrew
AKA490 T West
AKA540 J Magin
AKA552 R Potter
AKA555 P Le Bouteiller
AKA597 R Stutzer
AKA791 J Even
AKA805 M Cober
AKA939 P Arthurton
AKA950 B Mitchell
AKA961 P Castonguay
AKA1009 R Heitzman
AKA1010 S Parker
AKA1019 V Martinez
AKA1063 M Gromley
AKA1073 D Coshell
AKA1082 R Folmer
AKA1146 T Burrill
AKA1172 G Rollins
AKA1215 R Carvalho
AKA1218 B Balicki
AKA1276 J Dean
AKA1288 J Smith
AKA1311 R Denison
AKA1326 F Wiley
AKA1357 R Briere
AKA1384 R Test
AKA1409 C Hervey
AKA1456 D Wilkinson
AKA1494 A Holley
AKA1507 M Epstein
AKA1510 S McCoy
AKA1528 B Ferreira
AKA1536 M Cegnar
AKA1542 J Croxford
AKA1543 M Mewes
AKA1562 J Chapman
AKA1564 A Massi
AKA1568 P Enberg
AKA1592 R Rizk
AKA1621 C Silveira
AKA1631 C Prowse
AKA1645 J Snell
AKA1665 C Falck
AKA1683 N Van Greune
AKA1688 A Horton
AKA1700 J Case
AKA1710 J Christy
AKA1720 B Fernandes
AKA1731 J Archer
AKA1737 W Ferguson
AKA1742 D Leve
AKA1742 D Leve
AKA1749 K Fox
AKA1786 S Bogas
AKA1789 D Goldsmith
AKA1799 D Gessells
AKA1806 S Derby
AKA1843 N Olson
AKA1855 S Gaouette
AKA1860 F Ruiz
AKA1864 P Denis Pouchain
AKA1872 J Hawse
AKA1994 M Ribeiro
AKA2000 A Marques
AKA2008 A Planas
AKA2018 P Boudreau
AKA2024 P Pettet
AKA2119 M Fronczek
AKA2147 K Robinson
AKA2157 R Reid
AKA2186 P Panagos
AKA2189 K Shantz
AKA2196 J Spangler
AKA2312 B Smith