Brooks Range Tour

Brooks Range Tour


The Brooks Range is a mountain range in far northern North America stretching some 1100 km (700 mi) from west to east across northern Alaska into Canada's Yukon Territory. Reaching an elevation exceeding 2,700 m (9,000 ft), the range is believed to be approximately 126 million years old. The entire range is within the Arctic Circle.

While the range is mostly uninhabited, the Dalton Highway and Trans-Alaska Pipeline System run through the Atigun Pass (1,415 m, 4,643 ft) on their way to the oil fields at Prudhoe Bay on Alaskas's North Slope. The Alaska Native villages of Anaktuvuk and Arctic Village, as well as the very small communities of Coldfoot, Wiseman, Bettles, and Chandalar Lake, are the range's only settlements. In the far west, near the Wulik River in the De Long Mountains is the Red Dog mine, largest zinc mine in the world.

Start Date:02.09.2019
Required Rank:Greenhorn
Allowed Aircraft Types:C172, C185, C206, C208, DHC2, K100, PC6

Tour Legs

Leg Departure Arrival Duration Details
1 PAFA Fairbanks Intl. Airport RMP Rampart 00:25:00
2 RMP Rampart PATA Ralph M. Calhoun Memorial Airport 00:19:00
3 PATA Ralph M. Calhoun Memorial Airport PAHL Huslia 00:39:00
4 PAHL Huslia PAIM Indian Mountain LRRS Airport 00:22:00
5 PAIM Indian Mountain LRRS Airport PAGH do not use (=SHG) 00:00:00
6 PAGH do not use (=SHG) PASK Selawik 00:23:00
7 PASK Selawik PAOT Ralph Wien Memorial Airport 00:21:00
8 PAOT Ralph Wien Memorial Airport PAWN Noatak Airport 00:14:00
9 PAWN Noatak Airport PAIK Bob Baker Memorial Airport 00:25:00
10 PAIK Bob Baker Memorial Airport PAFM Ambler Airport 00:22:00
11 PAFM Ambler Airport PABT Bettles Airport 00:51:00
12 PABT Bettles Airport PAKP Anaktuvuk Pass 00:25:00
13 PAKP Anaktuvuk Pass WSM Wiseman Airport 00:19:00
14 WSM Wiseman Airport PAGB Galbraith Lake Airport 00:23:00
15 PAGB Galbraith Lake Airport PARC Arctic Village 00:30:00
16 PARC Arctic Village PAVE Venetie Airport 00:23:00
17 PAVE Venetie Airport PFYU Fort Yukon 00:13:00
18 PFYU Fort Yukon WBQ Beaver 00:18:00
19 WBQ Beaver 4AK Livengood Camp Airport 00:21:00
20 4AK Livengood Camp Airport PAFA Fairbanks Intl. Airport 00:17:00

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Pilot Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4 Leg 5 Leg 6 Leg 7 Leg 8 Leg 9 Leg 10 Leg 11 Leg 12 Leg 13 Leg 14 Leg 15 Leg 16 Leg 17 Leg 18 Leg 19 Leg 20
AKA100 E Baker
AKA311 D Storms
AKA490 T West
AKA512 R Wood
AKA540 J Magin
AKA1288 J Smith
AKA1317 A Gurdo Jr
AKA1357 R Briere
AKA1456 D Wilkinson
AKA1494 A Holley
AKA1592 R Rizk
AKA1631 C Prowse
AKA1708 L Vermeulen
AKA1710 J Christy
AKA1774 J Prual
AKA1978 A Marquis
AKA1985 R Coulter
AKA1999 C Albert
AKA2095 W Miller
AKA2105 D Caron
AKA2196 J Spangler