Exploring Anchorage

Exploring Anchorage


The Exploring Anchorage Tour is a 13-leg tour. Starting in Homer (PAHO) and heading around the Anchorage area and back to Homer. There will be no stop overs on this tour. You will have over 400 miles on this Tour. Set back and enjoy the breath-taking scenery that Anchorage has to offer.

Start Date:28.08.2019
Required Rank:Greenhorn
Max. Pilots allowed:500
Allowed Aircraft Types:C172, C185, C206, C207, PA18

Tour Legs

Leg Departure Arrival Duration Details
1 PAHO Homer Airport 4Z9 Jakolof Bay Airport 00:08:00
2 4Z9 Jakolof Bay Airport PAWD Seward Airport 00:40:00
3 PAWD Seward Airport 5HO Hope Airfield 00:25:00
4 5HO Hope Airfield AQY Girdwood 00:02:00
5 AQY Girdwood A13 Bold Airport 00:05:00
6 A13 Bold Airport PAAQ Palmer Buddy Woods Municipal Airport 00:03:00
7 PAAQ Palmer Buddy Woods Municipal Airport PAUO Willow 00:16:00
8 PAUO Willow PAWS Wasilla Airport 00:04:00
9 PAWS Wasilla Airport Z41 Lake Hood Strip 00:15:00
10 Z41 Lake Hood Strip 5AK0 Trading Bay Production Airport 00:31:00
11 5AK0 Trading Bay Production Airport PAEN Kenai Municipal Airport 00:05:00
12 PAEN Kenai Municipal Airport PASX Soldotna Airport 00:06:00
13 PASX Soldotna Airport PAHO Homer Airport 00:29:00

Tour Map

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Pilot Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4 Leg 5 Leg 6 Leg 7 Leg 8 Leg 9 Leg 10 Leg 11 Leg 12 Leg 13
AKA283 J Keil
AKA332 B Smith
AKA490 T West
AKA540 J Magin
AKA1009 R Heitzman
AKA1276 J Dean
AKA1288 J Smith
AKA1357 R Briere
AKA1393 J Viljoen
AKA1456 D Wilkinson
AKA1496 P Crisci
AKA1542 J Croxford
AKA1592 R Rizk
AKA1631 C Prowse
AKA1710 J Christy
AKA1805 M Rizman
AKA1841 N Young
AKA1872 J Hawse
AKA1873 S Kolpak
AKA1941 R Clemente
AKA1944 J Cole
AKA1953 J Olikara
AKA1960 F Campos
AKA1984 D Probst
AKA1985 R Coulter
AKA1989 J Lorion
AKA2014 D Sybiak
AKA2026 S Burnage
AKA2034 N Biton
AKA2055 A Adebisi
AKA2157 R Reid
AKA2215 B Costa
AKA2216 T Costa