Tour Details

14. Gone Fishing Float Plane Tour v2016 (Level 1-Easy-6A)
Description: 14. GONE FISHING FLOAT PLANE TOUR– Rev 2016. Summer is almost here and the fishing in Alaska is fantastic. In this fishing expedition, you will depart from AKA Juneau Hbr to complete 10 round trip flights to fishing lodges or outposts in the area. The 2016 rev is an enhancement with all new FP as well as SkyVector map links. Each leg from the Juneau base to any of the 10 fishing outposts has certain route but the return route follows a different scenic route. Each lodge has buildings, boats and docks for you to tie up to or to moor. There is also add-on scenery for this GF series and is contained within the tour download. The "Click Me" link in the schedules will connect you with the website for the lodge in that leg of the tour. The DHC-2 Beaver or DHC-2 TURBO – low and slow is the suggested aircraft for the tour, but feel free to use your favorite float plane. (Yes the aircraft must float or you won’t make it far in this GF series) Legs: 20: Flights AKA186-T thru AKA205-T. Tour Flight Leg Rating Conditions: Level 1/Easy. “6A0”: 6=Max landing rate is -600fpm. A-Autopilot and GPS use permitted. (There are no Stop-overs on any of these legs). Tour Download for this excursion is available in the Tour downloads section which contains the all the tour details, flight plans, sky vector map links as well as the award for completion.(Closes Nov. 13, 2017)
14. Gone Fishing Float Plane Tour v2016 (Level 1-Easy-6A)

Tour Destinations

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)Chilcoot River Lodge (GF1)AKA186-TDHC2 TURBO-A82 nm
2Chilcoot River Lodge (GF1)AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)AKA187-TDHC2 TURBO-A82 nm
3AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)Glacier Bay Lodge (GF13)AKA188-TDHC2 TURBO-A54 nm
4Glacier Bay Lodge (GF13)AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)AKA189-TDHC2 TURBO-A54 nm
5AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)Waters Edge Lodge (GF6)AKA190-TDHC2 TURBO-A71 nm
6Waters Edge Lodge (GF6)AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)AKA191-TDHC2 TURBO-A71 nm
7AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)Lisianski Inlet Lodge (GF14)AKA192-TDHC2 TURBO-A70 nm
8Lisianski Inlet Lodge (GF14)AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)AKA193-TDHC2 TURBO-A70 nm
9AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)Talon Lodge (GF2)AKA194-TDHC2 TURBO-A93 nm
10Talon Lodge (GF2)AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)AKA195-TDHC2 TURBO-A93 nm
11AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)Alaskan Advantage Lodge (GF15)AKA196-TDHC2 TURBO-A84 nm
12Alaskan Advantage Lodge (GF15)AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)AKA197-TDHC2 TURBO-A84 nm
13AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)Whalers Cove Lodge (GF10)AKA198-TDHC2 TURBO-A70 nm
14Whalers Cove Lodge (GF10)AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)AKA199-TDHC2 TURBO-A70 nm
15AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)Pybus Point Lodge (GF3)AKA200-TDHC2 TURBO-A70 nm
16Pybus Point Lodge (GF3)AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)AKA201-TDHC2 TURBO-A70 nm
17AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)Johnny's East River Lodge (GF4)AKA202-TDHC2 TURBO-A159 nm
18Johnny's East River Lodge (GF4)AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)AKA203-TDHC2 TURBO-A159 nm
19AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)Favorite Bay Lodge (GF5)AKA204-TDHC2 TURBO-A57 nm
20Favorite Bay Lodge (GF5)AKA Juneau Hbr (GF22)AKA205-TDHC2 TURBO-A57 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1617 nm

Pilot Progress

1Norm  Richards - AKA995
2James L  Smith - AKA1288
3William  Taylor - AKA1428
4Victor  Martinez - AKA1019
5John  Dean - AKA1276
6Per  Enberg - AKA1568
7Carlos  Silveira - AKA1621