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94. Journey up the Yukon - (Level 3-Hard-3Nx)
Description: This is a journey up the Yukon River. The Yukon River has its source in the mountains near the coast in the northwestern portion of BC Canada and flows in a curving course, first northwest and then southwest, to Alaska and empties into Bering Sea at the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. Its length, including its many windings, is from 2,000 to 2,500 miles; and the area it drains in the neighborhood of 440,000 square miles. Next to the basin of the Mackenzie, the region drained by Alaska's great river is the least known of any of the larger river valleys of North America. The Yukon River is a majestic beauty. “Yukon” means "great river" in Gwich'in. This trip will take us from Juneau, on the Gulf of Alaska, to the source Yukon then travel up the Yukon River through its winding river bed through the interior of BC, Yukon and Alaska all the way to the Bering Sea. Aircraft: This is another low and slow adventure so the aircraft used must be a single engine fixed wing standard prop IE: Super Cub PA18 (Recommended) or single engine equivalent IE: J3 Cub, C185, DHC2, DHC3, Maule etc. (Single-Non-Turbo only). A wheeled version will suffice as all the moorings are land based. Tour Flight Leg Rating Conditions: Level 3/Hard Difficulty-“3Nx”: 3=Max landing rate is -300fpm, N=No Autopilot or GPS use permitted. x-# of Stop-overs in the flight legs. Some legs have no stop-overs while others have either one or two stop-overs to be made. Tour download for this excursion is available in the Tour downloads section which contains the all the tour details, sky vector map links as well as the award for completion. Make sure you obtain the tour download for all of the tour specifics. If you need the Ops Manual and/or Bluebox manual be sure to download those documents from the website. 20 Legs: Flights: AKAT01260-3N1 through AKAT01279-3N1. (Tour opens Nov. 09, 2017 and will run until Feb. 09, 2018)
94. Journey up the Yukon - (Level 3-Hard-3Nx)

Tour Destinations

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Juneau International Airport (PAJN)Skagway Airport (PAGY)AKAT01260-3N1PA18-T81 nm
2Skagway Airport (PAGY)Carcross (CFA4)AKAT01261-3N1PA18-T54 nm
3Carcross (CFA4)Erik Neilsen Whitehorse International Airport (CYXY)AKAT01262-3N0PA18-T39 nm
4Erik Neilsen Whitehorse International Airport (CYXY)Carmacks (CEX4)AKAT01263-3N0PA18-T104 nm
5Carmacks (CEX4) Pelly Crossing (CFQ6)AKAT01264-3N0PA18-T51 nm
6 Pelly Crossing (CFQ6)Dawson City (CYDA)AKAT01265-3N0PA18-T116 nm
7Dawson City (CYDA)Eagle (PAEG)AKAT01266-3N0PA18-T79 nm
8Eagle (PAEG)Coal Creek Airport (L20)AKAT01267-3N0PA18-T69 nm
9Coal Creek Airport (L20)Fort Yukon (PFYU)AKAT01268-3N1PA18-T106 nm
10Fort Yukon (PFYU)Stevens Village (SVS)AKAT01269-3N1PA18-T113 nm
11Stevens Village (SVS)Rampart (RMP)AKAT01270-3N0PA18-T47 nm
12Rampart (RMP)Ralph M. Calhoun Memorial Airport (PATA)AKAT01271-3N0PA18-T61 nm
13Ralph M. Calhoun Memorial Airport (PATA)Ruby (PARY)AKAT01272-3N0PA18-T103 nm
14Ruby (PARY)Koyukuk (KYU)AKAT01273-3N1PA18-T67 nm
15Koyukuk (KYU)Kaltag (KAL)AKAT01274-3N1PA18-T49 nm
16Kaltag (KAL)Anvik (PANV)AKAT01275-3N1PA18-T124 nm
17Anvik (PANV)Kako Airport (9AK2)AKAT01276-3N1PA18-T66 nm
18Kako Airport (9AK2)Pilot Station (0AK)AKAT01277-3N2PA18-T48 nm
19Pilot Station (0AK)Emmonak (PAEM)AKAT01278-3N2PA18-T78 nm
20Emmonak (PAEM)Sheldon Point (Nunam Iqua) (SXP)AKAT01279-3N1PA18-T22 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1475 nm

Pilot Progress

1Reiner  Test - AKA1384
2Victor  Martinez - AKA1019
3Per  Enberg - AKA1568
4Norm  Richards - AKA995
5Roger  Triplett - AKA1305
6Ruberto  Stutzer - AKA597   
7James L  Smith - AKA1288
8Manuel-Francesco   Mewes - AKA1543                 
9Barry  Morton - AKA393      
10Steven  Almendinger - AKA1261                     
11Charles  Prowse - AKA1631
12Carlos  Silveira - AKA1621                     
13Gary  Rollins - AKA1172
14Brandon  Vance - AKA1691