Tour Details

40. Exploration Into RTMM’s CIRP (Single Eng Prop) (Level 2-Medium-5N0)
Description: The Cambria Icefield is an icefield in the Boundary Ranges of the Coast Mountains in northwestern British Columbia, Canada, located southeast of Stewart. The main CIRP Office is located in Alaska: Ketchikan Airport (PAKT). (The Cambria Ice Fields: LAT 55°48.00.N, LONG - 129°40.00.W). We are starting this tour at Ketchikan (PAKT) at the main RTMM CIRP Office and at the heart of RTMM scenery. We have received our dispatches to “The Cambria Ice Fields” and we will be extensively exploring this RTMM area. There are 10 Ice stations in the RTMM CIRP. The new Maule aircraft that we previously received have a slight skis defect so for this adventure we now are going to utilize our C185 fleet with wheels/skis: (but you can use any similar type aircraft which might be equipped with skis as we head out to the Ice fields). Note: There are no supplies in the middle of the ice fields so we will have to head back to Stewart to refill fuel and stock up on other resources. Welcome to the C.I.R.P. Cambria Icefield Research Project and to the VA adventure: “Exploration into RTMM's CIRP” Please ensure to go to the downloads section and download the file: AKA649-668-T Exploration into the RTMM-CIRP – Info Docs, Flight Plans and Maps In the CIRP Docs folder – CIRP Pilot Brief, in that download, is all the information required including the scenery and CIRP add-ons. Navigation: There are two types of NAV that you can use for this adventure. 1)Flight plans (.pln) and maps for nav but no AP - Hands on please. Watch/listen for the NDB Beacons*(within 12 miles). You will find all the Beacon scenery link and frequencies for each ice field in the pilot’s brief. A special thanks to all those at RTMM for providing great scenery for us to be able to explore this entire area in our VA environment. Hope all enjoy this Exploration into RTMM's CIRP. Opens Jan 15, 2018.
40. Exploration Into RTMM’s CIRP (Single Eng Prop) (Level 2-Medium-5N0)

Tour Destinations

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Ketchikan International Airport (PAKT)Misty's Place (Ramp) (PF20)AKA649-TM7 260C7 nm
2Misty's Place (Ramp) (PF20)Annette Island Airport (PANT)AKA650-TM7 260C17 nm
3Annette Island Airport (PANT)Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)AKA651-TM7 260C88 nm
4Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)Ketchikan International Airport (PAKT)AKA652-TC185F-W178 nm
5Ketchikan International Airport (PAKT)Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)AKA653-TC185F-W178 nm
6Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)Mt. McLeod Ice Station (CIRP) (PF40)AKA654-TC185F-W16 nm
7Mt. McLeod Ice Station (CIRP) (PF40)Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)AKA655-TC185F-W16 nm
8Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)Otter Mountain Ice Station (CIRP) (PF41)AKA656-TC185F-W115 nm
9Otter Mountain Ice Station (CIRP) (PF41)Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)AKA657-TC185F-W115 nm
10Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)Cambria East Ice Station (CIRP) (PF42)AKA658-TC185F-W120 nm
11Cambria East Ice Station (CIRP) (PF42)Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)AKA659-TC185F-W120 nm
12Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)Bromley Peak Ice Station (CIRP) (PF43)AKA660-TC185F-W112 nm
13Bromley Peak Ice Station (CIRP) (PF43)Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)AKA661-TC185F-W112 nm
14Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)Kitsault Peak Ice Station (CIRP) (PF44)AKA662-TC185F-W117 nm
15Kitsault Peak Ice Station (CIRP) (PF44)Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)AKA663-TC185F-W117 nm
16Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)Mt. Johnson Ice Station (CIRP) (PF45)AKA664-TC185F-W119 nm
17Mt. Johnson Ice Station (CIRP) (PF45)Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)AKA665-TC185F-W119 nm
18Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)Mt. Pattullo Ice Station (CIRP) (PF46)AKA666-TC185F-W122 nm
19Mt. Pattullo Ice Station (CIRP) (PF46)Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)AKA667-TC185F-W122 nm
20Stewart Aerodrome (CZST)Erickson Glacier Ice Station (CIRP) (PF47)AKA668-TC185F-W119 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 510 nm

Pilot Progress

1Norm  Richards - AKA995
2Steven  Almendinger - AKA1261
3Dale  Taylor - AKA138
4Daniel  Shuron - AKA461
5Ruberto  Stutzer - AKA597
6John  Dean - AKA1276
7Martin  Janman - AKA1256
8Davide  Taliani - AKA1405
9Miha  Cegnar - AKA1536          
10Roger  Triplett - AKA1305
11George  Sandoval - AKA143                     
12Mihail  Barkin - AKA1408                   
13Reiner  Test - AKA1384
14Riccardo  Jans - AKA481
15Alvin  Holley - AKA1494                     
16Adriano  Massi - AKA1564          
17James L  Smith - AKA1288
18Charles  Prowse - AKA1631
19Jonny  Snell - AKA1645       
20Raouf  Rizk - AKA1592
21Gary  Rollins - AKA1172
22Carlos  Silveira - AKA1621