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Wimbe CS

(Hired 255 days ago!)

Second Officer

My Statistics

Total Flights: 22
Total Hours: 32.54
Distance Flown: 2901 miles
Pilot Since: 01/19/2022
Last Flight Date: 03/10/2022( 203 Days ago)

Cinque Terre

My Landing Stats

Best Landing: -25
Average Landing: -123
Worst Landing: -288

Wimbe CS's Bio

Wimbe CS joined Alaska Adventures 255 days ago, and is based out of the PADU hub. Wimbe CS was given the Pilot ID of AKA2335. Is currently holding a rank of Second Officer. AKA2335 currently has 22 flights totalling 32.54 flight hours. AKA2335 last flight was on March 10, 2022, 203 days ago. AKA2335 has a best landing landing of -25 with an average landing of -123. Also with a worst landing of -123. AKA2335 has earned $ 1, 742.41 since joining Alaska Adventures on January 19, 2022. has also earned 2 awards flying with Alaska Adventures.

My Awards


1-Alaska Adventures Rib 1-Alaska Adventures Rib +


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Wimbe CS's Screenshots

My Recent Screenshots

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Pirep Chart

PIREP's List

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
AKA3222361 PASI PAYA K100 (N174AK) 01.44 03/10/2022
AKA3222361 PAKT PASI K100 (N174AK) 01.28 01/30/2022
AKA3222361 PAJN PAKT K100 (N174AK) 02.04 01/30/2022
AKA3622361 PAEN PAHO C172 (N172AK) 00.36 01/28/2022
AKA3622361 PAWD PAEN C172 (N172AK) 00.43 01/28/2022
AKA3622361 PACV PAWD C172 (N172AK) 06.58 01/28/2022
AKA3622361 PAVD PACV C172 (N172AK) 00.52 01/25/2022
AKA3622361 PAAQ PAVD C172 (N172AK) 00.59 01/25/2022
AKA3622361 PATK PAAQ C172 (N172AK) 00.39 01/25/2022
AKA3622361 PAIL PATK C172 (N172AK) 01.54 01/24/2022
AKA3622361 JZZ PAIL C172 (N172AK) 01.07 01/24/2022
AKA3622361 HCA JZZ C172 (N172AK) 01.49 01/23/2022
AKA3622361 PABE HCA C172 (N172AK) 01.08 01/23/2022
AKA3622361 PAMY PABE C172 (N172AK) 01.28 01/23/2022
AKA3622361 PAQH PAMY C172 (N172AK) 01.25 01/23/2022
AKA3622361 PAEH PAQH C172 (N172AK) 00.53 01/23/2022
AKA3622361 KNW PAEH C172 (N172AK) 01.26 01/22/2022
AKA3622361 PAII KNW C172 (N172AK) 00.56 01/22/2022
AKA3622361 PAPH PAII C172 (N172AK) 00.58 01/22/2022
AKA3622361 PAKH PAPH C172 (N172AK) 01.30 01/22/2022
AKA3622361 PADQ PAKH C172 (N172AK) 00.50 01/22/2022
AKA3622361 PAHO PADQ C172 (N172AK) 01.27 01/20/2022