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Bruno Costa

(Hired 589 days ago!)


My Statistics

Total Flights: 13
Total Hours: 4.55
Distance Flown: 459 miles
Pilot Since: 02/19/2021
Last Flight Date: 02/25/2021( 581 Days ago)

Cinque Terre

My Landing Stats

Best Landing: -78
Average Landing: -188
Worst Landing: -383

Bruno Costa's Bio

Bruno Costa joined Alaska Adventures 589 days ago, and is based out of the PADU hub. Bruno Costa was given the Pilot ID of AKA2215. Is currently holding a rank of Greenhorn. AKA2215 currently has 13 flights totalling 4.55 flight hours. AKA2215 last flight was on February 25, 2021, 581 days ago. AKA2215 has a best landing landing of -78 with an average landing of -188. Also with a worst landing of -188. AKA2215 has earned $ 255.65 since joining Alaska Adventures on February 19, 2021. has also earned 2 awards flying with Alaska Adventures.

My Awards


1-Alaska Adventures Rib 1-Alaska Adventures Rib +
1-One Year Service 1-One Year Service +


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Bruno Costa's Screenshots

My Recent Screenshots

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Pirep Chart

PIREP's List

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
AKA2021161 PASX PAHO C185 (N707AK) 00.30 02/25/2021
AKA2021161 PAEN PASX C185 (N852AK) 00.11 02/25/2021
AKA2021161 5AK0 PAEN C185 (N319AK) 00.14 02/23/2021
AKA2021161 Z41 5AK0 C185 (N852AK) 00.32 02/23/2021
AKA2021161 PAWS Z41 C185 (N852AK) 00.13 02/23/2021
AKA2021161 PAUO PAWS C185 (N852AK) 00.14 02/23/2021
AKA2021161 PAAQ PAUO C185 (N319AK) 00.22 02/23/2021
AKA2021161 A13 PAAQ C185 (N852AK) 00.15 02/23/2021
AKA2021161 AQY A13 C185 (N319AK) 00.18 02/21/2021
AKA2021161 5HO AQY C185 (N319AK) 00.14 02/21/2021
AKA2021161 PAWD 5HO C185 (N319AK) 00.29 02/21/2021
AKA2021161 4Z9 PAWD C185 (N707AK) 00.44 02/21/2021
AKA2021161 PAHO 4Z9 C185 (N620AK) 00.39 02/20/2021