Total Flights: 17
Total Hours: 16.21
Distance Flown: 2698 miles
Pilot Since: November, 25 2017
Last Flight Date: March, 14 2020

Colin Falck's BIO

Colin Falck joined Alaska Adventures 1639 days ago, and is based out of the PADU hub. Colin Falck was given the Pilot ID of AKA1665. Is currently holding a rank of Greenhorn. AKA1665 currently has 17 flights totalling 16.21 flight hours. AKA1665 last flight was on March 14, 2020, 799 days ago. AKA1665 has a best landing landing of -26 with an average landing of -149. Also with a worst landing of -149. AKA1665 has earned $ 638.30 since joining Alaska Adventures on November 25, 2017. has also earned 3 awards flying with Alaska Adventures.


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Pirep Chart

PIREP's List

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
AKA2415661 CAD4 CYYF AC50 (N050AK) 00.36 03/14/2020
AKC2986 PAKT CYZT DC6 (N87116) 01.45 03/14/2020
AKA2415661 CYXC CAD4 AC50 (N050AK) 00.32 03/13/2020
AKA2415661 CAQ5 CYXC AC50 (N050AK) 00.41 03/13/2020
AKA2415661 CYKA CAQ5 AC50 (N050AK) 00.53 03/13/2020
AKA2415661 CYRV CYKA AC50 (N050AK) 00.47 03/13/2020
AKA2415661 CYLW CYRV AC50 (N050AK) 00.46 03/12/2020
AKA515662 AK5 KDK AC50 (N050AK) 01.26.53 01/30/2019
AKA515662 KVC AK5 AC50 (N050AK) 00.56.21 01/07/2019
AKA515661 PADU KVC AC50 (N050AK) 00.46.25 01/01/2019
AKA515661 PACD PADU AC50 (N050AK) 01.08.12 01/01/2019
AKA515661 PAPH PACD AC50 (N050AK) 01.08.29 01/01/2019
AKA515661 PAII PAPH AC50 (N050AK) 00.41.20 01/01/2019
AKA515662 PAIL PAII AC50 (N050AK) 00.47.33 01/01/2019
AKA515661 PANC PAIL AC50 (N050AK) 01.09.13 01/01/2019
AKA002-T PPIZ BRW DHC6 (N100AK) 01.17.23 11/26/2017
AKA001-T PAPO PPIZ DHC6 (N100AK) 00.59.20 11/26/2017