Total Flights: 24
Total Hours: 11.07
Distance Flown: 709 miles
Passengers Carried: 134
Pilot Since: 01/13/2017
Last Flight Date: 02/22/2017
Last Flight #: No PIREPs filed yet!

Landings Statistics


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PIREP's List

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
AKA379-T CZST PAWG DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 01.14.13 02/22/2017
AKA669-T PF47 CZST DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.24.45 02/21/2017
AKA668-T CZST PF47 DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.18.45 02/20/2017
AKA667-T PF46 CZST DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.17.22 02/20/2017
AKA666-T CZST PF46 DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.25.12 02/20/2017
AKA665-T PF45 CZST DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.23.25 02/20/2017
AKA664-T CZST PF45 DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.24.42 02/20/2017
AKA663-T PF44 CZST DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.18.46 02/14/2017
AKA662-T CZST PF44 DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.26.40 02/14/2017
AKA661-T PF43 CZST DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 00.19.28 02/09/2017
AKA660-T CZST PF43 DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.22.38 02/09/2017
AKA659-T PF42 CZST DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.20.32 02/07/2017
AKA658-T CZST PF42 DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.27.47 02/07/2017
AKA657-T PF41 CZST DHC2 TURBO-A (NMK3AK-A) 00.26.32 02/06/2017
AKA656-T CZST PF41 DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.18.57 02/05/2017
AKA655-T PF40 CZST DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.16.14 02/05/2017
AKA654-T CZST PF40 C185F-W1 (N1851AK-W1) 00.15.40 02/01/2017
AKA653-T PAKT CZST DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.39.07 01/25/2017
AKA652-T CZST PAKT DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 01.01.26 01/24/2017
AKA651-T PANT CZST DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.44.32 01/23/2017
AKA650-T PF20 PANT DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.15.42 01/23/2017
AKA649-T PAKT PF20 DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.20.53 01/22/2017
AKAP001B-5N PAAQ PANC J3 CUB (N223AK) 00.38.22 01/17/2017
AKA001 Z41 PAAQ DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.25.37 01/15/2017