Total Flights: 15
Total Hours: 16.5
Distance Flown: 1730 miles
Passengers Carried: 90
Pilot Since: 04/15/2016
Last Flight Date: 05/28/2016
Last Flight #: No PIREPs filed yet!

Landings Statistics


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PIREP's List

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
AKAP413 PAJN PAKT DHC2 (N345AK-W) 01.59.29 05/28/2016
AKAP019 6R7 ORI DHC2 (N345AK-A) 00.37.48 05/19/2016
AKAP018 KDK 6R7 DHC2 (N345AK-A) 00.30.04 05/16/2016
AKA823-T PAWD PANC DHC-2 BEAVER (N749AK) 00.48.47 05/15/2016
AKA822-T PAEN PAWD DHC-2 BEAVER (N749AK) 00.46.26 05/15/2016
AKA821-T AK06 PAEN DHC-2 BEAVER (N749AK) 01.37.12 05/14/2016
AKA820-T 15Z AK06 DHC-2 BEAVER (N749AK) 01.50.13 05/11/2016
AKA819-T CXC 15Z DHC-2 BEAVER (N749AK) 00.31.04 05/08/2016
AKA818-T TSG CXC DHC-2 BEAVER (N749AK) 01.20.48 05/07/2016
AKA817-T CYDA TSG DHC-2 BEAVER (N749AK) 01.12.14 05/06/2016
AKA816-T CYXY CYDA DHC-2 BEAVER (N749AK) 02.11.51 05/05/2016
AKA815-T CYHT CYXY DHC-2 BEAVER (N749AK) 00.50.30 04/30/2016
AKA814-T PAHN CYHT DHC-2 BEAVER (N749AK) 01.07.31 04/24/2016
AKA813-T PAJN PAHN DHC-2 BEAVER (N749AK) 00.47.14 04/24/2016
AKA001 Z41 PAAQ DHC-2 BEAVER (N682AK) 00.39.12 04/20/2016