• Submitted By: Charles Prowse
  • Departure Airport: Point Hope Airport (PAPO)
  • Arrival Airport: Ambler Airport (PAFM)
  • Aircraft: DO27 (N027AK)
  • Flight Time: 01.13.11
  • Date Submitted: 01/03/2018
  • Status:
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(6 load / $ 0.00 per unit
$ 0.00
Fuel Cost:
(275.331 fuel used @ 0 / unit)
$ 0.00
Flight Log Details


Commenter Comment
Charles Prowse PAFM is yet another airstrip in a hole. I've run vector config but it seems a lot of these little strips are not getting seen by vector as having elevation issues. I have to manually select or deselect. Anyway, any landing you can walk away from is a good one right? Actually kind of like the Dornier, little busier than the DHC6 more to do.
Norm Richards lol.. Charles. Yes anytime you can walk away from a a big hole..lol.. No sure why you might have some of these airports in holes... Like you scenery order might need a touch up ? Are you running ORBX Stuff? Tongass? RTMM? Addon Mesh? Might need to tweak your scenery order a bit. Norm
Charles Prowse I am running ORBX vector, global LC, PNW, SA and tongass with rtmm scenery. Everything looks ok I just disabled that airport in vector and it is ok now.

Route Map