• Submitted By: Charles Prowse
  • Departure Airport: Anvik (PANV)
  • Arrival Airport: Kako Airport (9AK2)
  • Aircraft: PA18-T (N223AK-TW)
  • Flight Time: 00.53.38
  • Date Submitted: 12/29/2017
  • Status:
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(1 load / $ 69.00 per unit
$ 69.00
Fuel Cost:
(24.494 fuel used @ 1.1 / unit)
$ 26.94
Flight Log Details


Commenter Comment
Charles Prowse 9AK2 is in a hole had a heck of a time finding it. Another Vector bug!
Norm Richards Sorry bout that vector bug.. but you landed close..lol.. and you have the stop-overs down pat now. great job Charles. Norm
Charles Prowse the hole made it challenging but I am also having issues with the control of the flight replicas cub, it is far from linear so trimmed right I will go from little force to dead area to more force and back whichever way it wants to go and then it is jumpy. I've tried no flaps which seems a bit easier and a higher speed, typically 50-60 but I have tried as high as 80. The extreme with the Alaska mods is the worst one. Also, the bouce is an issue on these and I have tried standard tires to bush with AOSS which should be softer but still is apt to bounce. I've had great landings that felt worse and vice versa not making much sense on the final landing rate. Smooth one at 150 but a rougher one at 50? It is the only aircraft so far that seems to be this way. I need A2A to get their J3 V4 ready and make a super cub! Thanks for your understanding. It's a learning curve and I am getting it one flight at a time:)

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