• Submitted By: Franco Ciech
  • Departure Airport: Palmer Buddy Woods Municipal Airport (PAAQ)
  • Arrival Airport: Valdez Pioneer Field (PAVD)
  • Aircraft: DHC3 OTTERP (N2017AK)
  • Flight Time: 01.37.44
  • Date Submitted: 10/03/2017
  • Status:
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(7 load / $ 39.00 per unit
$ 273.00
Fuel Cost:
(110.677 fuel used @ 1.1 / unit)
$ 121.74
Flight Log Details


Commenter Comment
Franco Ciech Thanks Norm for your last msg ! I hope I made a better flight this time. So long ! Have a nice week Franco Ciech AKA1638 I-BUNI
Norm Richards Yes better Franco for stop-overs and using the continue flight in bluebox to proceed. Good job. Now just a couple of flying things. 1) Autopilot must be off before you land so make sure it is disengaged before the landings. 2). Don't climb too fast or you may stall the airplane. (If you stall under 3000 AGL (ft) this could be fatal in an airplane). Now if you have the autopilot off, use can slowly increase altitude without any stalls. Then if you need to level off the airplane then engage the autopilot.. (but have to remember to disengage autopilot before the next landing). You might want to get our operations manual and take a read on pg23/24 which has all of the parameters of safe flights: stalls, over-speeds, autopilot use etc. Have a good weekend Franco. Norm

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