We are Alaska Adventures

. Alaska Adventures started with only a DHC3. We now have several aircraft for you to chose from, including some premium payware models.

Why Us

We offer a Bush Airline with unique scenery to fly in. Multiple route options, a vast selection of aircraft to chose from. On top of that we have been in the air since September 2007 without any down time.


The smartCARS system is a flight tracking software made for Flight Simulator X, Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D, and Laminar Research's X-Plane.


With 751 routes you have plenty of options when picking your flight. You are also free to chose from our Tours and Cargo Ops.


Who We Are

Alaska Adventures (AKA) operates Passenger, Cargo, Charter flights, and Heli drops.

We run Alaska Adventures with some of the best freeware and payware planes out there. Alaska Adventures is based in Anchorage, Alaska with hubs in Bellingham, Dutch Harbor, Fairbanks, Homer, Juneau, Ketchikan, and Yakutat. Alaska Adventures offers our pilots our own custom ACARS and highly intergrated management system. Alaska Adventures supports Preprd3d v4, FSXse and FSX and XP11. If you love the thrill of flying props to lakefronts, mountain tops, and hundreds of public and private airstrips through out Alaska and Western Canada. We would like to hear from you.

Meet Our Team

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Our Partners

Alaska Adventures would like to thank the following people. Without them there would be no ALaska Adventures.

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