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With the new forums, we can no longer upload images to our post. We will have to use 3rd pary image hosting sites. This article will show you how to use IMGUR and add an image to our new forums post/topic. Go to the IMGUR website and create an account if needed. Than login.

Click on your username on the top right corner.

When the drop mene drops down, click on the Album link.

Now click on the New Album link to create a new album.

Fill out the form to create your album. Make sure you have set as public.

Click the save button to save your new album.

Click on the your newly created album.

Your album will be empty. Click on the Add ANother Image link.

Now click on the browse button to loc ate your image. Or you can drag your image to the box.

Go to the image that you just uploaded, right click on the image. Click copy image location.

Put your cursor where you want the image to apear. Now click on the image button.

Paste the image address in the URL field and than hit Tab on your keyboard. Once the image shows correctly, than click the OK button.

Keep the alignment option to Not Set.

You are all set, you are safe to post your picture.

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Comments: (3)
by Robert Heitzman
on 24.09. 2019
Capturing a screenshot has gotten pretty fast using Imgur:\r\n0 get your image on clipboard\r\n0 login to your Imgur account\r\n0 Ctrl-V to add image to account (can be done from most Imgur pages) (works on Chrome browser, not tested on others)\r\n0 click image to get the magic link you need - Direct Link for next step\r\n0 follow last couple of steps above to add image to a post\r\n\r\nYou can still do the folder organizing and posting to public if you wish. The original link will remain valid.\r\n\r\nYou can also use the more typical upload or drag and drop.
by Eddie Baker
on 13.01. 2019
Just repeat the steps.
by Aharon Dayan
on 13.01. 2019
that will work for single screenshot BUT not for set of 40 screenshots in single post :(