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About Juneau

Juneau International Airport (IATA: JNU, ICAO: PAJN, FAA LID: JNU) is a city-owned, public-use airport and seaplane base located seven nautical miles (8 mi, 13 km) northwest of the central business district of Juneau,[1] a city and borough in the U.S. state of Alaska that has no direct road access to the outside world. The airport serves as a regional hub for all air travel, from bush carriers to a major U.S. air carrier, Alaska Airlines.

During World War II, Juneau Airport was used by the United States Army Air Forces as a transport link between the combat bases being established in the Aleutians and airfields in the Continental United States. It was also used by Air Transport Command and facilitated the transport of Lend-Lease aircraft to the Soviet Union via Nome (Marks Army Airfield).

Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) was one of the first major airlines to serve Juneau. In 1947, Pan Am was operating daily Douglas DC-4 propliner service to Seattle via a stop at the Annette Island Airport, which served Ketchikan at the time and also flew DC-4 service twice a week nonstop to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory of Canada with continuing, no change of plane service to Fairbanks, Galena and Nome in Alaska.[6] Pan Am later operated Douglas DC-6B and Boeing 377 Stratocruiser aircraft into the airport.[7] During the 1950s, Pacific Northern Airlines served the airport with Douglas DC-4 and Lockheed Constellation propliners with daily service to Seattle via a stop at Annette Island as well as nonstop to Anchorage and Yakutat and direct to Cordova in Alaska.

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Juneau Statistics

Top Aircraft Types

# Flights Type
2 1387 DHC-6 CARGO
3 1077 AC50
4 737 J3 CUB
5 722 C185F-W1

Top Pilots by Flights

# Flights Pilot
1 1450 Dan O'Brien
2 977 James L Smith
3 943 Ruberto Stutzer
4 765 Daniel Shuron
5 627 Dale Taylor

Top Pilots by Flights (month)

# Flights Pilot
1 47 Jim Archer
2 8 Jean-Luc Prual
3 4 John Dean
4 3 Davide Taliani
5 2 Carsten Kobelt

Top Pilots by Hours

# Time Pilot
1 838:59 Dan O'Brien
2 838:59 Ruberto Stutzer
3 819:04 James L Smith
4 634:09 Daniel Shuron
5 613:46 Bruce Russell

Top Pilots by Hours (month)

# Time Pilot
1 105:15 Jim Archer
2 09:50 Jean-Luc Prual
3 06:24 John Dean
4 02:49 Moshe Aron Epstein
5 02:39 Davide Taliani

Top Landings

# V/S A/C Airport Pilot
1 -1 ft/min PA20 PAAQ Daniel Shuron
2 -1 ft/min DHC6 PARY Dan O'Brien
3 -1 ft/min PANC Rob Potter
4 -1 ft/min AC50 PAAQ Dale Taylor
5 -1 ft/min PAAQ Gerald Folsom

Top Landings (month)

# V/S A/C Airport Pilot
1 -32 ft/min L188 CYPR Jim Archer
2 -33 ft/min AC50 PADL John Dean
3 -63 ft/min C47 CYZF Davide Taliani
4 -95 ft/min DHC3 PAPO Jean-Luc Prual
5 -167 ft/min J3 RDV Carsten Kobelt