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About Dutch Harbor

Tom Madsen (Dutch Harbor) Airport (IATA: DUT, ICAO: PADU, FAA LID: DUT)is a state owned, public use airport in City of Unalaska, on Amaknak Island in the Aleutian Islands, off the coast of the U.S. state of Alaska. It is located near the Bering Sea coast of Unalaska Island, 800 miles (1,300 km) southwest of Anchorage and 1,950 miles (3,140 km) from Seattle. The official name of the City of Unalaska's port is Dutch Harbor. That name is also applied to the portion of Unalaska on Amaknak Island, which is located across a bridge from the rest of the city on Unalaska Island. Therefore, the airport is sometimes referred to as Dutch Harbor Airport. In 2002, the State of Alaska renamed it Tom Madsen Airport in honor of Charles Thomas Madsen Sr., a bush pilot who was killed in an airplane accident that year. However, the Federal Aviation Administration still refers to it as Unalaska Airport.

Scheduled commercial airline service is provided by PenAir, a code share partner of Alaska Airlines. At one point Alaska Airlines operated Boeing 737-200 Combi jetliners to the airport with these aircraft transporting a combination of passengers and freight on the main deck of the aircraft. However, due to load restrictions as a result of the short runway as well as cancellations due to weather, Alaska Airlines then contracted the service via a code sharing arrangement to PenAir in 2004. PenAir currently operates Saab 340 and Saab 2000 regional turboprop aircraft into the airport. AirPac also previously served the airport with British Aerospace BAe 146-100 jets with this aircraft type having enhanced short runway takeoff and landing performance. The airfield runway is 4,100 feet long which is quite short for jet operations when compared with typical runways normally used by mainline jet aircraft. Other airlines that served the airport in the past included MarkAir operating Boeing 737-200 Combi jet aircraft and Reeve Aleutian Airways flying Lockheed L-188 Electra turboprops via a code sharing agreement with Alaska Airlines.

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Dutch Harbor Statistics

Top Aircraft Types

# Flights Type
1 1004 AC50
2 557 DHC2
3 388 C185
4 374 DHC6
5 197 C47

Top Pilots by Flights

# Flights Pilot
1 1976 Norm Richards
2 798 Reiner Test
3 760 Victor Martinez
4 634 Roger Triplett
5 479 Charles Prowse

Top Pilots by Flights (month)

# Flights Pilot
1 15 Raouf Rizk
2 7 Charles Prowse
3 5 John Croxford
4 4 Steve Groves
5 2 Marius Lovin

Top Pilots by Hours

# Time Pilot
1 838:59 Norm Richards
2 838:59 Reiner Test
3 756:19 Victor Martinez
4 608:09 Charles Prowse
5 576:31 Richard Edmonds

Top Pilots by Hours (month)

# Time Pilot
1 11:06 Raouf Rizk
2 05:37 Charles Prowse
3 03:41 Marius Lovin
4 03:41 Bob Mitchell
5 02:49 John Croxford

Top Landings

# V/S A/C Airport Pilot
1 -1 ft/min PAUN Victor Martinez
2 -1 ft/min PAAQ Graham Buffinton
3 -2 ft/min PAAQ Roger Triplett
4 -2 ft/min PAAQ Reiner Test
5 -2 ft/min 33AK Manuel-Francesco Mewes

Top Landings (month)

# V/S A/C Airport Pilot
1 -41 ft/min AC50 PANC Steve Groves
2 -62 ft/min BE18 SMK Charles Prowse
3 -77 ft/min C172 PABT Raouf Rizk
4 -173.78 ft/min DHC2 PAWG John Croxford
5 -185 ft/min C208 PAFA Bob Mitchell