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Quest Kodiak 100 Description

The Daher Kodiak (formerly Quest Kodiak) is an American utility aircraft designed by and originally manufactured by Quest Aircraft. Manufacturing was taken over by Daher in 2019 after its purchase of Quest Aircaft. The high-wing, unpressurized, single-engined turboprop has a fixed tricycle landing gear and is suitable for STOL operations from unimproved airfields. Design began in 1999, it made its maiden flight on October 16, 2004, and was certified on 31 May 2007 before first delivery in January 2008. By 2021, 300 were delivered.

Engineering design began in 1999, while the company organization was being finalized. The design was type certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration on 31 May 2007. In June 2010, Wipaire, Inc. was granted Supplemental Type Certification allowing Wipline 7000 amphibious floats to be installed on Kodiaks. In November of that same year, it was also certified for flight into known icing after the installation of a TKS system, which protects exposed surfaces via glycol-based fluids. In 2014, an executive "Summit interior" with club seating was introduced.

Project Details

  • Model: Lionheart
  • Painted By: Henry Douglas
  • Date: September 7, 2022
  • Downloads:
  • Compatibility: P3Dv4FSX/FSXse
  • Variants: Wheeled Floats
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Quest Kodiak 100 Statistics

Number in Fleet
Passengers Range Ceiling Height Cruise Speed Max Speed Landing Distance Takeoff Distance Stall Speed
1,303 mi
25,000 ft
177 mph
207 mph
765 ft
934 ft
69 mph
Landing and Takeoff stats is with a 50ft obstacle


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