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Shorts 360

The Short 360 is a commuter aircraft that was built by Northern Irish manufacturer Short Brothers during the 1980s. The Short 360 seats up to 39 passengers and was introduced into service in November 1982. It is a larger version of the Short 330.

Project Details

  • Model: RAF
  • Painted By: Nathan Young
  • Date: July 10, 2019
  • Downloads:
  • Compatibility: P3Dv4 FSX/FSXse
  • Variants: Wheeled Cargo
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Shorts 360 Statistics

Number in Fleet
Passengers Range Ceiling Height Cruise Speed Max Speed Landing Distance Takeoff Distance Stall Speed
1,200 mi
26,000 ft
225 mph
220 mph
1,480 ft
1,585 ft
77 mph
Landing and Takeoff stats is with a 50ft obstacle


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