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Pilatus PC-6 Porter

The Pilatus PC-6 Porter is a single-engined STOL utility aircraft designed by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland. First flown in 1959, the PC-6 was produced at Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in Stans, Switzerland. It has been built in both piston engine- and turboprop-powered versions, and was produced under licence for a time by Fairchild Hiller in the United States. After around 600 deliveries in six decades, Pilatus produced the last one in early 2019.

The Pilatus PC-6 Porter is a Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) utility aircraft. The majority of aircraft are powered by a single Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A turboprop engine, which drives a fully reversible, constant-speed, three-bladed HC-B3TN-3D (or an alternative four-bladed HC-D4N-3P unit) Hartzell aluminium propeller via a reduction gearbox.

Pilatus claims that it possesses unique STOL capabilities, capable of landing in places only otherwise accessible by rotorcraft. It is fully capable of being operated from unprepared rough airstrips, in remote areas, hot climates and at high altitudes in all-weather conditions. In particular, the undercarriage employed provides for high wing and propeller clearances, making the PC-6 less susceptible to damage than conventional nosewheel-type undercarriages. For further landing versatility, various types of landing gear may be optionally installed allowing it to operate from different types of terrain; options include floats for water landings and skis for landing on snow.

Project Details

  • Model: Piglet
  • Addons: Base Model
  • Painted By: Stephan Faessler
  • Date: October 10, 2016
  • Downloads:
  • Compatibility: P3D5 P3D4 FSX/FSXse
  • Variants: Wheeled
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Pilatus PC-6 Porter Statistics

Number in Fleet
Passengers Range Ceiling Height Cruise Speed Max Speed Landing Distance Takeoff Distance Stall Speed
450 mi
26,893 ft
132 mph
144 mi
427 ft
640 ft
60 mph
Landing and Takeoff stats is with a 50ft obstacle


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