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Lockheed L-188

The Lockheed L-188 Electra is an American turboprop airliner built by Lockheed. First flown in 1957, it was the first large turboprop airliner built in the United States. Initial sales were good, but after two fatal crashes that led to expensive modifications to fix a design defect, no more were ordered.

The Model 188 Electra is a low-wing cantilever monoplane powered by four wing-mounted Allison 501-D13 turboprops. It has a retractable tricycle landing gear and a conventional tail. It has a cockpit crew of three and can carry 66 to 80 passengers in a mixed-class arrangement, although 98 could be carried in a high-density layout. The first variant was the Model 188A, followed by the longer-range 188C with room for 1,000 US gallons (3,800 L) more fuel and maximum take-off weight 3,000 pounds (1,400 kg) higher.

Project Details

  • Model: Team FS KBT
  • Painted By: Bernie Stockwell
  • Date: January 4, 2017
  • Downloads:
  • Compatibility: P3Dv4 FSX/FSXse
  • Variants: Cargo
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Lockheed L-188 Statistics

Number in Fleet
Passengers/Cargo Range Ceiling Height Cruise Speed Max Speed Landing Distance Takeoff Distance Stall Speed
98/33,800 lbs
2,200 mi
28,400 ft
373 mph
448 mph
Landing and Takeoff stats is with a 50ft obstacle


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