Frequently Asked Questions

We support FSX, FSXse, and P3dv3 and P3dv4

A Virtual Airline (VA) is an airline that exists solely in cyberspace, and therefore doesn't sell real airline tickets. Instead it gives purpose and added realism to activities held in a flight simulator. Pilots who fly for a VA do so between certain set airports, with one of the airplanes that are part of the VA's fleet, and at certain scheduled times – just like in a real world airline. A VA is also a meeting place of virtual aviation enthusiasts, and provides flight training to its pilots.

On the fleet page you find a list of all the "approved equipment", and in the forum you find a list with links where to download the aircraft. For scheduled flights you must use the aircraft listed in the schedule, or one of its substitutes.

You do not need any experience to fly with us. Pilots of all levels are welcome to fly with ALaska Adventures.

You need to be atleast 13 years of age to be an Alaska Adventures pilot.

We have Alaska Adventures paints for Aerosoft, Black Box Simulation, Carenado, Flight One, Flight Replicas, Milviz, SibWings, VirtualCol.