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25. Alaskan King Crab Tour 1- v2016 (6A)
Description: 25-Alaskan King Crab Tour – Part One – Rev 2016 There are around 40 species of king crab known and 10 crab species are fished for in Alaska waters the most abundant being red king crab, blue king crab, and golden or brown king crab. They are found in different areas of Alaskan waters from Bristol Bay to the Aleutians and northward in the Bering Sea. Unalaska, population 4,300, is on Unalaska Island in the Aleutian Chain, 800 miles from Anchorage. Dutch Harbor, the nation’s top fishing port for more than a decade, is the part of the city on Amaknak Island, which is tied to Unalaska by bridge. This tour is in two parts: a total of forty legs covering most of the prime Crab fishing ports and offshore fishing locations of the Alaskan King Crab. Watch for the crab fishing vessels along the coasts and offshore in the open seas. Amphibian IE: DHC-2 TURBO amphibian or other similar amphibious type of aircraft (with some speed) is required as there are both water and land moorings and a few long flight legs. 2016 Update: New Tour download complete with updated FP as well as Sky Vector map links for each leg now available in the tour downloads section. Part one of this tour has 20 legs: Flights AKA398-T through AKA417-T.
25. Alaskan King Crab Tour 1- v2016 (6A)

Tour Destinations

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Lake Brooks SPB (5Z9)Tibbetts Airport (4AK9)AKA398-TDHC2 TURBO-W46 nm
2Tibbetts Airport (4AK9)Pilot Point (PNP)AKA399-TDHC2 TURBO-W82 nm
3Pilot Point (PNP)Nelson Lagoon Airport (Z73)AKA400-TDHC2 TURBO-W174 nm
4Nelson Lagoon Airport (Z73)Blinn Lake SPB (Z87)AKA401-TDHC2 TURBO-W81 nm
5Blinn Lake SPB (Z87)Unalaska Airport (PADU)AKA402-TDHC2 TURBO-W178 nm
6Unalaska Airport (PADU)Chernofski Harbor SPB (KCN)AKA403-TDHC2 TURBO-W54 nm
7Chernofski Harbor SPB (KCN)St George (PAPB)AKA404-TDHC2 TURBO-W234 nm
8St George (PAPB)Saint Paul Island Airport (PASN)AKA405-TDHC2 TURBO-W46 nm
9Saint Paul Island Airport (PASN)Gambell Airport (PAGM)AKA406-TDHC2 TURBO-W460 nm
10Gambell Airport (PAGM)Savoonga Airport (PASA)AKA407-TDHC2 TURBO-W38 nm
11Savoonga Airport (PASA)Port Clarence CGS Airport (KPC)AKA408-TDHC2 TURBO-W153 nm
12Port Clarence CGS Airport (KPC)Nome Airport (PAOM)AKA409-TDHC2 TURBO-W66 nm
13Nome Airport (PAOM)Golovin (GLV)AKA410-TDHC2 TURBO-W73 nm
14Golovin (GLV)Moses Point Airport (MOS)AKA411-TDHC2 TURBO-W30 nm
15Moses Point Airport (MOS)Unalakleet (PAUN)AKA412-TDHC2 TURBO-W68 nm
16Unalakleet (PAUN)Stebbins Airport (WBB)AKA413-TDHC2 TURBO-W52 nm
17Stebbins Airport (WBB)Sheldon Point (Nunam Iqua) (SXP)AKA414-TDHC2 TURBO-W106 nm
18Sheldon Point (Nunam Iqua) (SXP)Port Heiden Airport (PAPH)AKA415-TDHC2 TURBO-W441 nm
19Port Heiden Airport (PAPH)Mekoryuk Airport (PAMY)AKA416-TDHC2 TURBO-W362 nm
20Mekoryuk Airport (PAMY)Kipnuk (PAKI)AKA417-TDHC2 TURBO-W83 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 2828 nm

Pilot Progress

1William  Taylor - AKA1428                     
2Victor  Martinez - AKA1019                 
3Norm  Richards - AKA995
4Gary  Rollins - AKA1172                     
5Roger  Triplett - AKA1305