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15. Gone Fishing Float Plane Tour 2 v2016 (Level 1-Easy-6A)
Description: 15-GONE FISHING FLOAT PLANE TOUR PART 2 v2016. This is part 2 of the Gone Fishing Excursion updated.. In part 2 of the tour you will depart from AKA Ketchikan Hbr to complete the next 10 round trip flights to the best fishing lodges in the area. Each lodge has buildings, boats and docks for you to tie up to. The new tour download contains FP, new skyvector map links as well as the GF scenery and is available in the Tour downloads section. The "Click Me" link in the schedule will connect you with the website for the lodge in that leg of the tour. The DHC-2 Beaver is the suggested aircraft for the tour, but feel free to use your favorite float plane. (If you don’t use a float or amphibious aircraft its sink or swim and the waters of Alaska are cold!!) There are 20 legs to this GF part 2: Flights AKA206-T through AKA225-T. Enjoy the fly-in fishing excursion. Tour Flight Leg Rating Conditions: Level 1/Easy. “6A0”: 6=Max landing rate is -600fpm. A-Autopilot and GPS use permitted. (There are no Stop-overs on any of these legs). Tour Download for this excursion is available in the Tour downloads section which contains the all the tour details, flight plans, sky vector map links as well as the award for completion.
15. Gone Fishing Float Plane Tour 2 v2016 (Level 1-Easy-6A)

Tour Destinations

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)Green Rocks Lodge (GF8)AKA206-TDHC2 TURBO-A96 nm
2Green Rocks Lodge (GF8)AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)AKA207-TDHC2 TURBO-A96 nm
3AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)Fisherman's Inn Lodge (GF16)AKA208-TDHC2 TURBO-A130 nm
4Fisherman's Inn Lodge (GF16)AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)AKA209-TDHC2 TURBO-A130 nm
5AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)Sea Otter Sound Lodge (GF7)AKA210-TDHC2 TURBO-A79 nm
6Sea Otter Sound Lodge (GF7)AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)AKA211-TDHC2 TURBO-A79 nm
7AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)Shelter Cove Lodge (GF11)AKA212-TDHC2 TURBO-A57 nm
8Shelter Cove Lodge (GF11)AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)AKA213-TDHC2 TURBO-A57 nm
9AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)Waterfall Resort (GF17)AKA214-TDHC2 TURBO-A61 nm
10Waterfall Resort (GF17)AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)AKA215-TDHC2 TURBO-A61 nm
11AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)Boardwalk Lodge (GF18)AKA216-TDHC2 TURBO-A39 nm
12Boardwalk Lodge (GF18)AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)AKA217-TDHC2 TURBO-A39 nm
13AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)Steamboat Bay Fishing Club (GF19)AKA218-TDHC2 TURBO-A77 nm
14Steamboat Bay Fishing Club (GF19)AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)AKA219-TDHC2 TURBO-A77 nm
15AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)Rocky Bay Lodge (GF9)AKA220-TDHC2 TURBO-A48 nm
16Rocky Bay Lodge (GF9)AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)AKA221-TDHC2 TURBO-A48 nm
17AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)Sportsman's Cove Lodge (GF12)AKA222-TDHC2 TURBO-A25 nm
18Sportsman's Cove Lodge (GF12)AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)AKA223-TDHC2 TURBO-A25 nm
19AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)Yes Bay Lodge (GF21)AKA224-TDHC2 TURBO-A39 nm
20Yes Bay Lodge (GF21)AKA Ketchikan Hbr (GF23)AKA225-TDHC2 TURBO-A39 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1298 nm

Pilot Progress

START: GF23GF8GF23GF16GF23GF7GF23GF11GF23GF17GF23GF18GF23GF19GF23GF9GF23GF12GF23GF21GF23Complete
1Norm  Richards - AKA995
2William  Taylor - AKA1428
3James L  Smith - AKA1288
4Victor  Martinez - AKA1019
5Barry  Morton - AKA393
6Abel  Rios - AKA1461                     
7Luka  Zakelj - AKA1470                     
8Reiner  Test - AKA1384