Tour Details

10. C185 Amphibious Tour (Level 1-Easy-6A)
Description: There are 9 relatively short legs of this C185 Float Tour which will depart Ketchikan and explore some of the area northward before returning to Ketchikan Intl. Amphibious aircraft is required as there are a few land moorings while the majority are water moorings. C185 or equivalent amphibious aircraft is required. Discover some more of the sea plane bases of Southern Alaska. Tour Flight Leg Rating Conditions: Level 1/Easy. “6A0”: 6=Max landing rate is -600fpm. A-Autopilot and GPS use permitted. (There are no Stop-overs on any of these legs). Tour Download for this excursion is available in the Tour downloads section which contains the all the tour details, flight plans, sky vector map links as well as the award for completion.
10. C185 Amphibious Tour (Level 1-Easy-6A)

Tour Destinations

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Ketchikan International Airport (PAKT)Thorne Bay Seaplane Base (KTB)AKA119-TC185F-A140 nm
2Thorne Bay Seaplane Base (KTB)Sitka SPB (A29)AKA120-TC185F-A1143 nm
3Sitka SPB (A29)Hoonah SPB (OOH)AKA121-TC185F-A173 nm
4Hoonah SPB (OOH)Skagway SPB (7K2)AKA122-TC185F-A192 nm
5Skagway SPB (7K2)Haines SPB (3Z9)AKA123-TC185F-A115 nm
6Haines SPB (3Z9)Juneau International Airport (PAJN)AKA124-TC185F-A168 nm
7Juneau International Airport (PAJN)Kake SPB (KAE)AKA125-TC185F-A198 nm
8Kake SPB (KAE)Lloyd R Roundtree Seaplane Facility SPB (63A)AKA126-TC185F-A139 nm
9Lloyd R Roundtree Seaplane Facility SPB (63A)Ketchikan International Airport (PAKT)AKA127-TC185F-A1112 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 681 nm

Pilot Progress

1Norm  Richards - AKA995
2Ruberto  Stutzer - AKA597
3Plinio  Cordeiro - AKA1007      
4Brian  Smith - AKA332          
5James L  Smith - AKA1288
6Steven  Almendinger - AKA1261
7Victor  Martinez - AKA1019          
8Carlos  Silveira - AKA1621
9Barry  Morton - AKA393