Tour Details

2. Water Hop (Level 1-Easy-6A)
Description: This water hop tour was originally active in 2010 and has been slightly modified to encompass mostly sea plane bases (SPB) on the Gulf of Alaska coast. (Southern Alaska) Aircraft: DHC2 Beaver is recommended but can use any such equivalent single engine pop float or amphibious aircraft. This tour has 12 legs: most are SPB* (*Except Snettisham (7AK2) (grass strip) which appears on leg 11 and 12 so be sure to use an amphibian for those two legs. Enjoy the hopping. Tour Flight Leg Rating Conditions: Level 1/Easy. “6A0”: 6=Max landing rate is -600fpm. A-Autopilot and GPS use permitted. (There are no Stop-overs on any of these legs). Tour Download for this trip is available in the Tour downloads section. This tour download contains the all the tour details, flight plans, sky vector map links as well as the award for completion.
2. Water Hop (Level 1-Easy-6A)

Tour Destinations

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Tamgas Harbor (Z43)Kasaan SPB (KXA)AKA020-TDHC2 BEAVERA46 nm
2Kasaan SPB (KXA)Cape Pole SPB (Z71)AKA021-TDHC2 BEAVERA62 nm
3Cape Pole SPB (Z71)Port Walter SPB (PWR)AKA022-TDHC2 BEAVERA44 nm
4Port Walter SPB (PWR)Sitka SPB (A29)AKA023-TDHC2 BEAVERA53 nm
5Sitka SPB (A29)Pelican SPB (PEC)AKA024-TDHC2 BEAVERA71 nm
6Pelican SPB (PEC)Haines SPB (3Z9)AKA025-TDHC2 BEAVERA93 nm
7Haines SPB (3Z9)Carcross (CEB7)AKA026-TDHC2 BEAVERA70 nm
8Carcross (CEB7)Mule Creek (CBS4)AKA027-TDHC2 BEAVERA71 nm
9Mule Creek (CBS4)Yakutat SPB (2Y3)AKA028-TDHC2 BEAVERA111 nm
10Yakutat SPB (2Y3)Elfin Cove Seaplane Base (ELV)AKA029-TDHC2 BEAVERA155 nm
11Elfin Cove Seaplane Base (ELV)Snettisham (7AK2)AKA030-TDHC2 BEAVERA96 nm
12Snettisham (7AK2)Lloyd R Roundtree Seaplane Facility SPB (63A)AKA031-TDHC2 BEAVERA96 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 968 nm

Pilot Progress

1James L  Smith - AKA1288
2Norm  Richards - AKA995
3Zoran  Maksic - AKA573            
4Michael  Wilkinson - AKA1388
5Victor  Martinez - AKA1019
6Chad  Wiggins - AKA1079
7Steaven  Rogers - AKA122           
8Martin  Janman - AKA1256
9Uska  Dak - AKA1418             
10William  Taylor - AKA1428
11Steve  Horn - AKA1454
12Luka  Zakelj - AKA1470
13Reiner  Test - AKA1384
14Barry  Morton - AKA393
15Davide  Taliani - AKA1405
16Gary  Rollins - AKA1172
17Ruberto  Stutzer - AKA597
18John   Croxford - AKA1542
19Carlos  Silveira - AKA1621
20Steven  Almendinger - AKA1261
21Brian  Smith - AKA332            
22Kenneth  Sweeney - AKA1263