Tour Details

90. IP NWT: S01E04B: CL215's to Turkey (CL215 FSX to P3Dv3x, PBY or C47 sub for P3Dv4x) (Level 3-Hard-5N0)
Description: The Ice Pilots: $7 million sale of two Canadair CL-215 water bombers to the Turkish government and the Ice Pilots have to deliver them from Yellowknife Canada to Antalya, Turkey. Yes for us here at AKA, this is our longest trip ever and this is an international flight excursion! Aircraft: With the new P3Dv4 released we have given some aircraft options. The Canadair CL215 is great in FSX through to P3Dv3x however will not function in P3Dv4x. So for P3Dv4 users in lieu of the Canadair CL215, the following aircraft can be used: Any multi (Twin) prop. IE: PBY Catalina (Aerosoft’s PBY works in P3Dv4x, Douglas C47 (Manfred Jahn v3.14 works great in P3Dv4) as well as the new Beech in FSX Native by Milton Shupe (Simouthouse). Tour Flight Leg Rating Conditions: Level 3/Hard. “5N0”: 5=Max landing rate is -500fpm. N-No Autopilot or GPS use permitted. 0-# of Stop-overs in the flight legs. (Note: *There are no stop-overs in any of these flight legs: these are direct flight legs). Tour Download for this excursion is available in the Tour downloads section which contains the all the tour details, sky vector map links as well as the award for completion. Make sure you obtain the tour download for all of the tour specifics. This is our version of “Ice Pilots – NWT” - S01E04B “Transport of CL215’s to Turkey. (Or if in P3Dv4: The PBY or C47 ec as the case may be!) 20 Legs: Flights: AKAIP0068-5N0 through AKAIP0087-5N0.
90. IP NWT: S01E04B: CL215's to Turkey (CL215 FSX to P3Dv3x, PBY or C47 sub for P3Dv4x) (Level 3-Hard-5N0)

Tour Destinations

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Yellowknife Airport (CYZF)Fort McMurray International Airport (CYMM)AKAIP0068-5N0CL215417 nm
2Fort McMurray International Airport (CYMM)John G. Diefenbaker Intl Airport (CYXE)AKAIP0069-5N0CL215359 nm
3John G. Diefenbaker Intl Airport (CYXE)Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson Intl (CYWG)AKAIP0070-5N0CL215440 nm
4Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson Intl (CYWG)Thunder Bay Int'l Airport (CYQT)AKAIP0071-5N0CL215374 nm
5Thunder Bay Int'l Airport (CYQT)Sudbury Airport (CYSB)AKAIP0072-5N0CL215416 nm
6Sudbury Airport (CYSB)Pierre Elliott Trudeau Int'l Airport (CYUL)AKAIP0073-5N0CL215348 nm
7Pierre Elliott Trudeau Int'l Airport (CYUL)Saint John Airport (CYSJ)AKAIP0074-5N0CL215381 nm
8Saint John Airport (CYSJ)J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport (CYQY)AKAIP0075-5N0CL215288 nm
9J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport (CYQY)St. John's Int'l Airport (CYYT)AKAIP0076-5N0CL215359 nm
10St. John's Int'l Airport (CYYT)Narsarsuaq, Kujalleq (BGBW)AKAIP0077-5N0CL215981 nm
11Narsarsuaq, Kujalleq (BGBW)Kulusuk, Sermersooq (BGKK)AKAIP0078-5N0CL215399 nm
12Kulusuk, Sermersooq (BGKK)Keflavík (BIKF)AKAIP0079-5N0CL215441 nm
13Keflavík (BIKF)Benbecula, Hebrides (EGPL)AKAIP0080-5N0CL215681 nm
14Benbecula, Hebrides (EGPL)Heathrow Airport (EGLL)AKAIP0081-5N0CL215499 nm
15Heathrow Airport (EGLL)Merignac (LFBD)AKAIP0082-5N0CL215460 nm
16Merignac (LFBD)Caselle (LIMF)AKAIP0083-5N0CL215410 nm
17Caselle (LIMF)Leonardo da Vinci Int'l Airport (LIRF)AKAIP0084-5N0CL215329 nm
18Leonardo da Vinci Int'l Airport (LIRF)Dubrovnik (LDDU)AKAIP0085-5N0CL215313 nm
19Dubrovnik (LDDU)Eleftherios Venizelos Int'l Airport (LGAV)AKAIP0086-5N0CL215438 nm
20Eleftherios Venizelos Int'l Airport (LGAV)Antalya (LTAI)AKAIP0087-5N0CL215383 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 8715 nm

Pilot Progress

1James L  Smith - AKA1288
2Norm  Richards - AKA995
3Roger  Triplett - AKA1305                     
4Reiner  Test - AKA1384