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89. IP NWT: S01E04A A Big Deal - Generators to Rankin Inlet - DC4 (Level 2-Medium-4N)

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Description: Tour 89 IP-S01E04A Ice Pilots NWT – “A Big Deal” Generators to Rankin Inlet S01E04: (104) "A Big Deal" (Air date: December 9, 2009) Aircraft: DC-4 - Landings max: -400fpm, AP/GPS NOT permitted) To move up from "rampie" to co-pilot at Buffalo, you first need to become a flight attendant. And Jeremy is determined to make it onto the next course—and beat co-worker Audrey into the co-pilot's seat. But first he has to find a way to ensure his India (Kanpur)-born protégé, the underweight and hardworking Raman Srivastava, can stick it out in Hay River alone. When a power failure leaves Rankin Inlet exposed to the brutal northern elements, DC-4 captain Justin must pull out the stops to try to get two massive generators up to the remote community before sundown. Make sure you obtain the tour download for all of the tour specifics. This is our version of “Ice Pilots – NWT” - S01E04A “A Big Deal”- Generators to Rankin Inlet. 3 Legs: Flights: AKAIP0065-4N through AKAIP0067-4N.
89. IP NWT: S01E04A A Big Deal - Generators to Rankin Inlet - DC4 (Level 2-Medium-4N)

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Yellowknife Airport (CYZF)Fort Simpson (CYFS)AKAIP0065-4NDC4225 nm
2Fort Simpson (CYFS)Rankin Inlet Airport (CYRT)AKAIP0066-4NDC4932 nm
3Rankin Inlet Airport (CYRT)Yellowknife Airport (CYZF)AKAIP0067-4NDC4707 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1863 nm

Pilot's Progress

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1James L  Smith - AKA1288
2Norm  Richards - AKA995
3Davide  Taliani - AKA1405
4Ruberto  Stutzer - AKA597
5Reiner  Test - AKA1384