Tour Details

88. AKA Getaway Home – The Return to Misty Moorings C130 (Level 1-Easy-6A)
Description: 88-AKA Getaway Home – The Return to Misty Moorings Hope the trip to Hawaii was a nice change of pace and scenery, (Thanks Doug Linn and team at RTMM for all the work to make Hawaii a great sim flying vacation of sorts). But vacation is over and now it’s time to go home and get to work!. This is a big trip to get home: over 5700 nm. We take a C130 from Hawaii and return to Misty Moorings: to our home base of Anchorage. These are longer flights that will get us home to Anchorage with a few stop-overs along the way!. There are nine long flight legs: Flight numbers: AKAT-01208-6A through AKAT-01216-6A. *The Tour download is a must which includes all details, conditions and stop-over locations: 8 out of the nine flight legs have stop-over locations), Flight plans as well as sky vector map links for each flight leg of this excursion are also included in the tour download if you wish to use them. The airports visited on the return to Misty Moorings trip are mostly ORBX-FTX NA Freeware (including a couple in Mexico) and/or FTX Payware airport locations. The Global and North America FTX products greatly enhance the scenery areas but these pays are an optional scenery requirement as all of the airports used in this tour are default and contained in the default sims. Refer to the scenery document in the tour download for details.
88. AKA Getaway Home – The Return to Misty Moorings C130 (Level 1-Easy-6A)

Tour Destinations

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1 () ()AKAT-01208-6AC130 2846 nm
2 () ()AKAT-01209-6AC130 584 nm
3 () ()AKAT-01210-6AC130 376 nm
4 () ()AKAT-01211-6AC130 301 nm
5 () ()AKAT-01212-6AC130 444 nm
6 ()Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)AKAT-01213-6AC130 158 nm
7Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)Ketchikan International Airport (PAKT)AKAT-01214-6AC130 558 nm
8Ketchikan International Airport (PAKT)Yakutat Airport (PAYA)AKAT-01215-6AC130 412 nm
9Yakutat Airport (PAYA)Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (PANC)AKAT-01216-6AC130 372 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 6049 nm

Pilot Progress

1James L  Smith - AKA1288
2Reiner  Test - AKA1384
3Roger  Triplett - AKA1305          
4Norm  Richards - AKA995