Tour Details

87. AKA Getaway: Escape from Misty Moorings (EFMM) (6Ax) *Updated to May 9)
Description: In conjunction with Doug’s Hawaii project: EFMM – Escape from Misty Moorings, a getaway from our normal territory comes to Alaska Adventures VA as a new getaway flying excursion. We don’t get out of out of our normal flying areas very much, alike RTMM, but a change is a good as a rest, they say!. Doug has spent many hours on his personal project and as he has designed and developed his own locations or intersections within all the photoreal and other addon scenery pieces, and thought it would be fitting to take a getaway into Doug’s EFMM and fully explore his “Hawaii”. (Brad get well soon! so you can go on a bit of an Aloha rampage too!). There are 20 POI filled flight legs of this EFMM excursion which explores the Islands in detail and all of the the many POI or intersections that Doug has created are featured. This excursion includes all of the POI/Intersections to date: up to *May 2, 2017 with location HIA27 and will continue to incorporate new Hawaii POI locations into the excursion "on the fly" as they are developed.*Make sure you get a fresh download. A special thank-you to you Doug for all your efforts and sharing your personal project with all of us - and to the team here at RTMM for your ongoing contributions. The tour download is a must for this getaway trip as it includes all details, the EFMM POI/intersections and multiple stop-over locations. Scenery: Lots: Refer to Doug's EFMM page: as well as the scenery document in the tour download. (Also contained in the tour download is a special AKA C185 livery specially created for this adventure trip). Hope you enjoy this getaway excursion into Doug's Hawaii.
87. AKA Getaway: Escape from Misty Moorings (EFMM) (6Ax) *Updated to May 9)

Tour Destinations

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1 () ()AKAT-01188-6AC185F-A318 nm
2 () ()AKAT-01189-6AC185F-A315 nm
3 () ()AKAT-01190-6AC185F-A325 nm
4 () ()AKAT-01191-6AC185F-A318 nm
5 () ()AKAT-01192-6AC185F-A394 nm
6 () ()AKAT-01193-6AC185F-A312 nm
7 () ()AKAT-01194-6AC185F-A318 nm
8 () ()AKAT-01195-6AC185F-A313 nm
9 () ()AKAT-01196-6AC185F-A34 nm
10 () ()AKAT-01197-6AC185F-A348 nm
11 () ()AKAT-01198-6AC185F-A311 nm
12 () ()AKAT-01199-6AC185F-A327 nm
13 () ()AKAT-01200-6AC185F-A361 nm
14 () ()AKAT-01201-6AC185F-A328 nm
15 () ()AKAT-01202-6AC185F-A357 nm
16 () ()AKAT-01203-6AC185F-A365 nm
17 () ()AKAT-01204-6AC185F-A313 nm
18 () ()AKAT-01205-6AC185F-A342 nm
19 () ()AKAT-01206-6AC185F-A344 nm
20 () ()AKAT-01207-6AC185F-A340 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 651 nm

Pilot Progress

1Davide  Taliani - AKA1405                     
2Reiner  Test - AKA1384
3Norm  Richards - AKA995
4Tony  West - AKA490                     
5Roger  Triplett - AKA1305      
6James L  Smith - AKA1288
7Kenneth  Sweeney - AKA1263              
8John  Dean - AKA1276