Tour Details

86. IP NWT: S01E03 Fuel to Uranium City (DC-4) (Level 2-Medium-4N)
Description: Tour 86 IP-S01E03 Ice Pilots NWT - Fuel to Uranium City (DC-4) S01E03: (103) "Birthday from Hell" (Air date: December 2, 2009) (Will just call it “Fuel to Uranium City”). Aircraft: DC-4 - Landings max: -400fpm, No AP/GPS) It is chief pilot Arnie Schreder's birthday, and he and Scott take Kelly along for her first ride on the daily C-46 supply run. Kelly wants to meet Buffalo's clients—especially to soothe feelings after the Christmas cargo dustup. But a string of bad luck threatens to spoil the day—and the naughty birthday surprise Kelly has waiting back at the hangar. Ramp hand (or "rampie") Jeremy Dow is desperate to move up the ranks and out of the numbing grunt work he's had to endure for the past four months. But when new rampie Audrey Marchand's enthusiasm and "can-do" attitude impresses boss Joe, Jeremy realizes she may just jump the queue. And after the crew works all night to install gas tanks in the DC-4, hotshot new co-pilot Alex joins captain Justin Simle on a tricky fuel haul. Along the way, he grabs the chance to execute his first take-off, and get in some rare "low flying" over the spectacular northern landscape. We fly from Yellowknife to Stoney Rapids – then load fuel (10,000 liters) for each trip from Stoney Rapids to Uranium City with fuel. Make sure you obtain the tour download for all of the tour specifics. This is our version of “Ice Pilots – NWT” - S01E03 “Fuel to Uranium City”. 11 Legs: Flights: AKAIP0054-4N through AKAIP0064-4N.
86. IP NWT: S01E03 Fuel to Uranium City (DC-4) (Level 2-Medium-4N)

Tour Destinations

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Yellowknife Airport (CYZF) ()AKAIP0054-4NDC4365 nm
2 ()Uranium City Airport (CYBE)AKAIP0055-4NDC495 nm
3Uranium City Airport (CYBE) ()AKAIP0056-4NDC495 nm
4 ()Uranium City Airport (CYBE)AKAIP0057-4NDC495 nm
5Uranium City Airport (CYBE) ()AKAIP0058-4NDC495 nm
6 ()Uranium City Airport (CYBE)AKAIP0059-4NDC495 nm
7Uranium City Airport (CYBE) ()AKAIP0060-4NDC495 nm
8 ()Uranium City Airport (CYBE)AKAIP0061-4NDC495 nm
9Uranium City Airport (CYBE) ()AKAIP0062-4NDC495 nm
10 ()Uranium City Airport (CYBE)AKAIP0063-4NDC495 nm
11Uranium City Airport (CYBE)Yellowknife Airport (CYZF)AKAIP0064-4NDC4283 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1506 nm

Pilot Progress

1Reiner  Test - AKA1384
2Norm  Richards - AKA995
3Davide  Taliani - AKA1405
4James L  Smith - AKA1288