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39. From the PNW into the Land of Misty's (Single Engine Prop) (Level 1-Easy-6A)

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Description: This is the introductory tour that will lead us to the "Land of Misty” for following explorations but we have to get there first. Our new aircrafts have just arrived at S45 Oregon and we have to fly our brand new Maule Orion M-7 260C aircrafts from Oregon to the land of Misty. This is ORBX, Tongass and into RTMM scenery areas. Our RTMM warm up tour. There two sets of flight plans as well as two types of SkyVector mapping links: direct and not so direct!. Not so direct routes are way pointed which follows a more scenic route via natural landmarks such as gorges, lakes, rivers and mountain ranges. For anyone wanting to have the flight plans (.pln) and/or the SkyVector mapping links (.pdf file) they have been made available on the site under Downloads/FSX Tours Revisited in one .rar file but when extracted will create the necessary documents and folders. It has been another interesting time preparing this tour and hope all enjoy flying the “From the PNW to the Land of Misty” Adventure. Aircraft Recommended: Maule Orion M-7 260C. This tour has 17 legs: Flights AKA632-T through AKA648-T. Landings max -600fpm, Autopilot & GPS Permitted. (Closes Jan 15, 2018)
39. From the PNW into the Land of Misty's (Single Engine Prop) (Level 1-Easy-6A)

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Siletz Bay State Airport (S45)Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark (7S3)AKA632-TM7 260C65 nm
2Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark (7S3)Walter Sutton's Private Strip (WA79)AKA633-TM7 260C44 nm
3Walter Sutton's Private Strip (WA79)Swanson Airport (2W3)AKA634-TM7 260C65 nm
4Swanson Airport (2W3)Boeing Field/King County (KBFI)AKA635-TM7 260C46 nm
5Boeing Field/King County (KBFI)Victoria International Airport (CYYJ)AKA636-TM7 260C93 nm
6Victoria International Airport (CYYJ)Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)AKA637-TM7 260C39 nm
7Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)Squamish Airport (CYSE)AKA638-TM7 260C41 nm
8Squamish Airport (CYSE)Pemberton (CYPS)AKA639-TM7 260C41 nm
9Pemberton (CYPS)Campbell River (CYBL)AKA640-TM7 260C115 nm
10Campbell River (CYBL)Port Hardy (CYZT)AKA641-TM7 260C105 nm
11Port Hardy (CYZT)Bella Bella Airport (CBBC)AKA642-TM7 260C109 nm
12Bella Bella Airport (CBBC)Bella Coola Airport (CYBD)AKA643-TM7 260C68 nm
13Bella Coola Airport (CYBD)Terrace Airport (CYXT)AKA644-TM7 260C165 nm
14Terrace Airport (CYXT)Prince Rupert Airport (CYPR)AKA645-TM7 260C76 nm
15Prince Rupert Airport (CYPR)Annette Island Airport (PANT)AKA646-TM7 260C69 nm
16Annette Island Airport (PANT)Misty's Place (Ramp) (PF20)AKA647-TM7 260C17 nm
17Misty's Place (Ramp) (PF20)Ketchikan International Airport (PAKT)AKA648-TM7 260C7 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1165 nm

Pilot's Progress

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1Norm  Richards - AKA995
2Steven  Almendinger - AKA1261
3James L  Smith - AKA1288
4Marcel  Maex - AKA1124
5Daniel  Shuron - AKA461
6Ruberto  Stutzer - AKA597
7Kenneth  Sweeney - AKA1263
8John  Dean - AKA1276
9Martin  Janman - AKA1256
10Victor  Martinez - AKA1019
11Gary  Rollins - AKA1172
12Stephan  Faessler - AKA1491
13Reiner  Test - AKA1384
14Carlos  Silveira - AKA1621
15Alan  Platt - AKA1663                  
16Peter  Woodward - AKA1334
17Charles  Prowse - AKA1631
18Marcel  De Boer - AKA1637                  
19Plinio  Cordeiro - AKA1007