Total Flights: 22
Total Hours: 11.28
Distance Flown: 890 miles
Passengers Carried: 112
Pilot Since: 10/10/2017
Last Flight Date: 06/13/2018
Last Flight #: No PIREPs filed yet!

Landings Statistics


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PIREP's List

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
AKA658-T CZST PF42 C185F-W1 (N1851AK-W1) 00.14.00 06/13/2018
AKA657-T PF41 CZST C185F-W1 (N1851AK-W1) 00.15.16 04/23/2018
AKA656-T CZST PF41 C185F-W1 (N1851AK-W1) 00.15.15 04/23/2018
AKA655-T PF40 CZST C185F-W1 (N1851AK-W1) 00.08.35 02/21/2018
AKA654-T CZST PF40 C185F-W1 (N1851AK-W1) 00.11.07 02/21/2018
AKA653-T PAKT CZST C185F-S2 (N1852AK-S2) 01.40.15 02/20/2018
AKA652-T CZST PAKT C185F-S2 (N1852AK-S2) 01.51.38 02/19/2018
AKA651-T PANT CZST C185F-W1 (N1851AK-W1) 01.01.00 02/18/2018
AKA650-T PF20 PANT C185F-W1 (N1851AK-W1) 00.12.39 02/18/2018
AKA649-T PAKT PF20 C185F-A1 (N1851AK-A1) 00.11.48 02/17/2018
AKA245-T CYDQ CYXJ DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.22.31 01/29/2018
AKAT01239-3N0 CYAL CYZT C185F-T2 (N1852AK-T2) 00.14.47 11/17/2017
AKAT01238-3N0 CYBL CYAL C185F-T2 (N1852AK-T2) 00.40.54 11/09/2017
AKAT01237-3N0 CYAZ CYBL C185F-T2 (N1852AK-T2) 00.31.18 11/03/2017
AKAT01236-3N0 CBS8 CYAZ C185F-T2 (N1852AK-T2) 00.23.02 11/01/2017
AKAT01235-3N0 CYQQ CBS8 C185F-T2 (N1852AK-T2) 00.20.59 11/01/2017
AKAT01234-3N0 CYPW CYQQ C185F-T2 (N1852AK-T2) 00.19.46 11/01/2017
AKAT01233-3N0 CYPS CYPW C185F-T2 (N1852AK-T2) 00.43.50 10/30/2017
AKAT01232-3N0 CYSE CYPS C185F-T2 (N1852AK-T2) 00.30.37 10/29/2017
AKAT01231-3N0 CYCD CYSE C185F-T2 (N1852AK-T2) 00.29.30 10/28/2017
AKAT01230-3N0 CYYJ CYCD C185F-T2 (N1852AK-T2) 00.21.24 10/26/2017
AKA001 Z41 PAAQ DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.28.37 10/21/2017