Total Flights: 25
Total Hours: 17.32
Distance Flown: 1696 miles
Passengers Carried: 164
Pilot Since: 07/18/2017
Last Flight Date: 08/12/2017
Last Flight #: No PIREPs filed yet!

Landings Statistics


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PIREP's List

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
AKA024-T A29 PEC DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 00.45.39 08/12/2017
AKA023-T PWR A29 DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 00.44.28 08/06/2017
AKA022-T Z71 PWR DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 00.38.42 08/05/2017
AKA021-T KXA Z71 DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 00.52.58 08/05/2017
AKA020-T Z43 KXA DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 00.32.35 07/31/2017
AKA118-T Z78 KIB DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 00.45.22 07/30/2017
AKA117-T ALZ Z78 DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 01.17.33 07/30/2017
AKAP575 PAGS PAOH DHC-6 (N101AK) 00.20.38 07/28/2017
AKA116-T KWP ALZ DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 00.46.34 07/28/2017
AKA115-T IGG KWP DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 01.18.52 07/27/2017
AKA114-T LKK IGG DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 00.36.08 07/25/2017
AKA113-T KPR LKK DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 00.42.21 07/25/2017
AKA112-T 5BL KPR DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 00.48.50 07/24/2017
AKA111-T 3AK5 5BL DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 00.38.23 07/23/2017
AKA110-T L85 3AK5 DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 00.27.15 07/23/2017
AKA109-T 78Z L85 DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 00.52.41 07/22/2017
AKAP573 PAGY PAHN DHC-6 (N101AK) 00.10.28 07/21/2017
AKA566-T PAHN PAGY J3 CUB (N223AK) 00.15.57 07/21/2017
AKA108-T 58A 78Z DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 01.00.36 07/21/2017
AKA107-T 7KA 58A DHC2 BEAVERA (N335AK-A) 00.50.32 07/21/2017
AKAP188 BQV 7K2 CT206H (N206AK) 00.37.27 07/20/2017
AKAP179 7K2 BQV CT206H (N206AK) 00.44.29 07/20/2017
AKAP178 PAJN 7K2 CT206H (N206AK) 00.44.04 07/20/2017
AKAP001B-5N PAAQ PANC J3 CUB (N223AK) 00.35.42 07/19/2017
AKA001 Z41 PAAQ DHC2 BEAVERW (N335AK-W) 00.24.35 07/19/2017