• Submitted By: Franco Ciech
  • Departure Airport: Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (PANC)
  • Arrival Airport: Palmer Buddy Woods Municipal Airport (PAAQ)
  • Aircraft: DHC3 OTTERP (N2017AK)
  • Flight Time: 00.24.48
  • Date Submitted: 10/02/2017
  • Status:
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(7 load / $ 39.00 per unit
$ 273.00
Fuel Cost:
(26.7619 fuel used @ 1.1 / unit)
$ 29.44
Flight Log Details


Commenter Comment
Norm Richards Ok Franco.. welcome to you. Now this flight leg you do not fly it direct. In this tour there are two stop-overs in each flight leg. Get the tour download and have a look. (In this AKAT01217-6A2 you take off and head for Highland 47AK-land there. (After landing there, use bluebox continue flight to continue. Then take off and go to Birchwood (PABV). After landing at Birchwood, use bluebox continue flight again then head to the final destination of Palmer. (All of the 10th anniversary tour legs have two stop-overs or 2 intermediate stops. Please get the tour download and go through the route and it will become clear how to fly this.
Norm Richards I approved but please try this again. Thanks Franco. Norm

Route Map