• Submitted By: John Croxford
  • Departure Airport: Cortes Island Aerodrome (CCI9)
  • Arrival Airport: Tsuniah Lake Lodge Airport (CAF4)
  • Aircraft: DHC6-W PAX (N203AK)
  • Flight Time: 01.03.22
  • Date Submitted: 01/24/2017
  • Route: Intermediate Stopover at CBA7
  • Status:
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(24 load / $ 89.00 per unit
$ 2, 136.00
Fuel Cost:
(171.458 fuel used @ 1.1 / unit)
$ 188.60
Flight Log Details


Commenter Comment
John Croxford Hard. So easy to get caught in a box canyon with all the snow around picking the correct route..
Norm Richards For sure it's easy to get boxed in..lol.. (turn fast and try to climb to get out of it!!). But 5 overspeeds (difing? to get out by chance?). Only One over-speed is permitted per flight leg.. but your 4 of them together in one minute so will give this one to you as will treat it as once occurrence this time. Just have an eye on those over-speeds- and flight legs with more than one occurrence is a not go. Over-speeds (real world) can do severe damage on an aircraft. Norm

Route Map