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Flight AKA697-T

  • Submitted By: Mark Bradshaw
  • Departure Airport: Merrill Field (PAMR)
  • Arrival Airport: Seward Airport (PAWD)
  • Aircraft: TEST (TEST)
  • Flight Time: 00.33.34
  • Date Submitted: 12/05/2015
  • Route: ,
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(5 load / $ 50.00 per unit
$ 250.00
Fuel Cost:
(21.3188 fuel used @ 5.22 / unit)
$ 111.28

Additional Log Information:

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FS-[22:54] - C185F SKYWAGON AKAn
FS-[22:54] - Flight AKA697-T is ready to depart PAMR with a final destination of PAWD.
FS-[22:54] - Parking Brake Applied
FS-[22:54] - AutoPilot Engaged at 3AGL
FS-[22:54] - Boarding
FS-[22:54] - AutoPilot Disengaged at 3AGL
FS-[22:54] - Parking Brake Released
FS-[22:55] - Taxiing to Runway
FS-[22:55] - Taking Off with 5 passengers on board
FS-[22:55] - Take off at 79kts, with a pitch of 1deg and 294lbs of fuel on board
FS-[22:55] - Climbing to TOC
FS-[22:55] - AutoPilot Engaged at 715AGL
FS-[23:01] - TOC reached
FS-[23:01] - Cruise started
FS-[23:02] - AutoPilot Disengaged at 9984AGL
FS-[23:02] - AutoPilot Engaged at 9544AGL
FS-[23:23] - AutoPilot Disengaged at 3129AGL
FS-[23:26] - Landed at -89fpm. With 249lbs of fuel onboard and a pitch angle of 1deg.
FS-[23:27] - Taxiing to Gate
FS-[23:27] - Parking Brake Applied
FS-[23:27] - Arrived safely at PAWD. We hope you enjoyed your flight!
FS-[23:27] - C185F SKYWAGON AKAn
FS-[23:27] - MaxSim Rate: 1x
FS-[23:27] - Blue Box ver: