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AKA Fall-Winter 2017-18

Posted on 10/30/2017 by Norm Richards

AKA Important Items - Ops Manual, Bluebox/FSUIPC/Tours


Ops Manual and Bluebox Manual(s) are important reads to get you up and running as fast as possible. The Operations Manual outlines the basics and the flight operations and conditions flying here at Alaska Adventures.  The "Bluebox" manual is imperative to review to understand all the workings of Bluebox. (Bluebox is our ACARS and is available as a separate download on the Blue Box Software (ACARS) Page).

Direct Links:

Operations Manual: Ops Manual.pdf

(Navigate to AKA Home Page, Login, Operations Tab - OPS MANUAL)


Blue Box Manual:

Blue Box Quick Start Guide:

(Navigate to AKA Home Page, Login, Downloads Tab - BlueBox Tab - Blue Box Software (ACARS) Page)



NOTE: Your sim requires at least the free version of FSUIPC to allow for bluebox connection to your sim. Bluebox works for most sims: FS9, FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv1x, 2x, 3x, P3Dv4x

There is only one place to get FSUIPC which is at the creator's site (Peter Dowson).


Now there are three versions,

1. FSUIPC5 - For P3Dv4 ONLY, (Current version is 5.12/64 bit)

2. FSUIPC4 - For FSX, FSXSE, P3Dv1x, P3Dv2x and P3Dv3x (Current Version is 4.971/32bit)

3. FSUIPC3 - For FS2004 (Current Version is 3.999z9)

Now you only require the freeware or non-registered version for our bluebox to work but depending what you want as far as figuring custom controllers etc outside the actual simulation configurations or additional options, you might want to get the registered version of FSUIPC. 

NOTE: (X-Plane users XPUIPC – Link

Important BLUEBOX NOTE: After taking off, you MUST obtain at least 1000AGL before Bluebox will register your next landing. So between landing locations, your aircraft must hit 1000AGL at least once.



Tours: Fall/Winter 2017-2018: Tour Lineup and Important Items – Updates to Nov.17, 2017

Welcome back as we in the fall season and within a month or so will be entering into winter season here at Alaska Adventures.

Tours - Highlights/notes:

Tour 01- The Alaskan a good introductory tour for new pilots flying at Alaska Adventures - will remain open until Jan 15, 2018.  

Tour 04- DC-3 Tour hope - Intro to the DC-3 and/or C-47 aircraft in a shorter 8 leg excursion - will be open until Jan. 15, 2018.

Tour 39- The Introductory tour into RTMM scenery re-opened Nov 17, 2017 and will remain open until Jan 15, 2018.  

Tour 91-AKA 10th Anniversary Tour will continue to run until Nov 30, 2017. (Tour Download still available)


Three new tours kicked off our fall lineup: Tour 92, Tour 93 and Tour 94 plus I will be building an AKA Christmas Excursion and it will be designated as Tour 95c. 

Tour 92-Vancouver Island Hops - Opened October 1st, 2017 and runs until Nov 30, 2017.

Tour 93-AKA Ketchikan Sea Base Ops - October 21st, 2017 and runs until December 21st, 2017. (This is the last float trip for this year! (No Extension as already some winter weather has started appear in Alaska)  

Tour 94 - Journey up the Yukon - OPENS November 9th, 2017 and will run until @ Feb. 28, 2018

Tour 95c - AKA 2017 Christmas Spirit Excursion - OPENS November 30th, 2017 and will run until Jan 31, 2018* (No Extension).


Complete listing of our tours: and planned Open/Close Schedule

Tour       Tour Name                                                                         Opens                   Closes

1              Alaska Tour                                                                         Open                     Extended until Jan 15, 2018

2              Water Hop Tour 1                                                                                             Closed

3              Gulf of Alaska & Peninsula Floats Tour                                                        Closed

4              DC-3 Hops Tour                                                                  Open                    Closes Jan 15, 2018

5              DC-7 Long Haul                                                                                                 Closed

6              To the Aleutians – Rotorcraft                                                                         Closed

7              The Flight of the Halibut Tour                                                                         Closed

8              Cargo Dawgs 2                                                                                                  Closed

9              Water Hop Tour 2                                                                                             Closed

10           C185 Amphibious                                                                                             Closed

11           5 Year+ Anniversary Tour                                                                                Closed

12           Aleutian Cannery Tour                                                                                     Closed

13           Gold Rush                                                                                                          Closed

14           Gone Fishing 1                                                                                                  Closed

15           Gone Fishing 2                                                                                                  Closed

16           Norad-2                                                                                                               Closed

17           Alaska Highways Tour                                                                                     Closed

18           Spring Bear Hunt                                                                                              Closed

19           Cruise Ship Tour (Orig 2014 Version)                                                           Closed

20           ERA Aviation Tour                                                                                            Closed

21           Turbo Prop                                                                                                         Closed

22           Iditarod North                                                                                                   Closed

23           Iditarod South                                                                                                   Closed

24           Glacier Tour                                                                                                       Closed

25           King Crab -1                                                                                                       Closed

26           King Crab -2                                                                                                       Closed

27           Disaster Aid Mission                                                                                       Closed

28           Disaster Aid Mission Home                                                                           Closed

29           Remembering Hurricane Irene                                                                      Closed

30           9-11 NY Memorial                                                                                            Closed

31           Olympic Challenge                                                                                           Closed

32           Watson Hub Closure                                                                                       Closed

33           St. Petersburg Hub Closure (SPB)                                                               Closed

34           Nome Hub Closure                                                                                         Closed

35           Across the North in a Cub-1                                                                         Closed

36           Across the North in a Cub-2                                                                       Closed

37           Across the North in a Cub-3                                                                       Closed

38           Across the North in a Cub-4                                                                       Closed

39           PNW to the Land of Misty's                                           Open                    Closes Jan 15, 2018

40           Exploration in the RTMM (RTMM CIRP1)                   Opens Jan. 05, 2018

41           To the Summit and Beyond (RTMM CIRP2)               Opens Feb. 05, 2018


43           C-47 Short Field Hops - Glacier Region (SF 1)                                         Closed

44           2016 Winter Getaway Adventure                                                               Closed

45           2016 Winter Homeward Bound                                                                 Closed

46           RTMM - Anchorage, Denali and the Arctic (SDT1)                                 Closed

47           RTMM - Along the Arctic Coastline (SDT2)                                             Closed

48           RTMM - Vancouver Island Seaside Floats (VIP)                                     Closed

49           The Yukon-Alaska Cross                                                                             Closed

50           The Inside Passage SPB OPS                                                                    Closed

51           RTMM - Into the Interior - C-47 Short Fields (SF2) (RTMM)                  Closed

52           RTMM's "Operation Barnstormers" (RTMM)                                            Closed

53           RTMM’s “Dispatch 006 - The Lighthouses”(SPB) (RTMM)                    Closed

54           RTMM - Twin Otter Spotter - BC to the Gulf of Alaska                           Closed

55           Tongass National Forest Exploration (Floats)                                        Closed

56           RTMM’s Dispatch 002: North of Yes Bay Cabins (RTMM)                    Closed

57           BC Lighthouses - Ocean Falls to Vancouver Harbor                              Closed

58           Prince of Wales Island – Fly-in Fishing (RTMM)                                    Closed

59           RTMM - Challenge of the Doratidi Trail (SDT3) (RTMM)                      Closed

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