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Spring/Summer 2017

Posted on 06/14/2017 by Norm Richards

Tours: Spring/Summer 2017: Tour Lineup and Important Items - Update as of June 14, 2017

Welcome back as we are now in the spring 2017 and almost summer flying seasons here at Alaska Adventures.

Please ensure that you obtain the tour downloads for these tours, (from the site under Downloads > Tour Downloads) as well as the new Blue Box V

These tour downloads are a MUST download and each tour download (one download for each tour), contains the all the tour information, flight plans, sky vector map links etc for that tour. In later tours commencing with Tour 66: those tour downloads contain the specific conditions and  parameters and specific restrictions in which to fly the legs as well as any mid-point or stop-over(s) landing locations that must be made within a specific flight leg. Ensure you have all the information you require by obtaining and referring to the tour downloads for each tour. (Float tours in Tongass and SAK are starting to open!! - Ice Conditions quickly disappearing!) .


Spring and summer have arrived A new season, warmer temps have arrived bringing seasonal excursions. Clean up and tune up your wheels, amphibian, floats and get them ready for "the warm seasons". Get those Ski/wheels winterized and put away!.

New trip: Ice Pilots - NWT, RTMM's BWEP, EFMM Getaway and more comes your was here at Alaska Adventures. For a full listing ot tours: open and closed date, please refer to forum announcements. All the active tours are displayed on the tour page and an accompanying download for each tour. 

Again, just a reminder that there is also a tour download for each tour: which includes tour details, most with prepared flight plans as well as sky-vector map links and some with special add-on scenery to enhance your sim scenic environment.  Tour downloads are a must requirement for the new Stopover Tours. Please be sure to download the tour package for each tour as they contain vital information and conditions that directly pertain to that said tour. 

We hope you continue to join us here for a great year and if you want some great flying adventures in excellent scenery areas, with a great bunch of fellow pilots, "Bush at its best", so to speak, stay with us here at Alaska Adventures VA. For a complete listing of tours: open/close dates please refer to the Post/Announcement in the forum.


Norm AKA995

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