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RTMM BWEP-Feb. 20 & March 20

Posted on 02/08/2017 by Norm Richards





RTMM's Blue Wave Energy Partners (BWEP) - VA Tour Explorations - are Coming Soon to Alaska Adventures VA.



RTMM’s BWEP scenery project: "Blue Wave Energy Partners" (BWEP) project attempts, as much as possible, to replicate the characteristics and overall challenges facing a crude oil delivery platform similar to the actual Trans-Alaska Pipeline.  To date: RTMM BWEP scenery project has been completed all the way from the Port of Valdez northward up to Fairbanks (or PF58 Executive Field).

There are still many miles of pipeline to be placed,  as well as many associated BWEP terminals, refineries, construction sites, airstrips, side trip locations, AI traffic, dispatches etc to still be built by the design team for the remaining portion of the pipeline route from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay, Deadhorse, Alaska.

As the talented creators and designers here at Return to Misty Moorings (RTMM) continue their BWEP pipeline scenery project, Alaska Adventures VA will be featuring their completed work, in depth, via VA tour explorations:  All need to explore and visualize all the great work done at RTMM and this time in the latest endeavor: The BWEP project.

The first RTMM BWEP exploration at Alaska Adventures will be the first BWEP section that has been completed: BWEP Southern Alaska, which commences at Valdez. In the VA tour, we will first travel the Port of Valdez to explore all of the new BWEP scenery pieces that have been created in the Harbor: some awesome scenery pieces indeed that can’t be missed, then a visit to Doug’s Klutina Outfiters before picking up pipeline and heading northward towards Paxson.

The routing in this initial AKA-BWEP VA exploration will explore some of the new associated RTMM side trips as well as the BWEP pipeline dispatches. (New multi-way-pointed Flight plans will be included in the VA Tour download as well as all the tour specifics).  The tour download for this trip will be a must download which will include all details as to the requirements, flight leg routes, stop-over locations, new Photo OPS of various BWEP locations and BWEP dispatch events as well as many other items of importance.

To fly the BWEP, you require all scenery pieces from the libraries: Main Object library, new Med-APP combo Library, BWEP Library and all of the RTMM BWEP add-on scenery downloads: Southern Alaska, Richardson Highway, all of the side trip scenery pieces, the RTMM Dispatch scenery and all the BWEP dispatches activated and will be referring to the individual Dispatch documents on the BWEP page: P001M through to P014E.

Be sure to visit the RTMM BWEP page for all the required pieces.

RTMM BWEP page Link:

Our first AKA-RTMM BWEP exploration trip (Southern Alaska), will explore in detail this area and will have some very interesting flight legs to help us explore the RTMM BWEP.

All are welcome to come and enjoy this (first) RTMM BWEP Pipeline Exploration trip at Alaska Adventures VA


BWEP - Southern Alaska Section - scheduled for kick off on Monday Feb. 20, 2017.

BWEP - Richardson Highway Section - scheduled for kick off on Monday March 20, 2017.


Since this trip will also be a pipeline inspection as well as an overall exploration, when flying atop the pipeline itself, we will be flying low and slow! 100-200 AGL.  (NOTAM: Will have to reach at least 1000 AGL during each flight leg for Blue Box (ACARS) requirements).

The planned aircraft for this exploration trip: Low and slow single engine prop (non-turbo) fixed wing: DHC-2 Beaver, Maule M7, C185, or C206: and perhaps you might want to add ski-wheel or tundra wheels if you are running winter season. These make great aircraft to use in this exploration tour. There are AKA liveries on the Alaska Adventures site and additionally on the RTMM BWEP page, RTMM’s Klaus Tröppner has also created some great BWEP repaints for these designated aircraft.

You can also use helicopters to explore if you wish: specifically helicopters operated by the BWEP: refer to Klaus Tröppner’s Helicopter repaints: These include BWEP liveries of the following models that you can fly in this tour: Erickson S64, Bell212, Bell412, AS332, Bell 206, Bell 222 or the MD530.

RTMM BWEP Repaints/Liveries Link:


Thank-you to the team at RTMM for creating these BWEP add-on scenery packages and the other many other associated enhancements. They will be featured in the Alaska Adventures VA - RTMM BWEP exploration tours.

RTMM Object Libraries:

RTMM BWEP Main Page Link:

RTMM BWEP Dispatches Link:


Again all are welcome to come and enjoy RTMM BWEP Southern Alaska - (Section One Exploration) from Valdez to Paxson trip schedule for Mon. Feb. 20th then RTMM BWEP Richardson Highway (Section Two Exploration) from Paxson to Fairbanks on Monday March 6th, 2017.




NOTAM - Tour 82: RTMM's BWEP Southern Alaska -  Valdez to Paxson.  The tour download for this event was posted Feb 6th - so hopefully all will have time to set up the scenery before the tour start on Feb. 20th, 2017. All details and requirements are included in the tour document.







NOTAM - Tour 83: RTMM's BWEP Richardson Highway - Paxson to Fairbanks - Scheduled For March 13, 2017. The tour download for this event will be posted as soon as completed to give plenty of time for all to set up the scenery requirements.





Norm AKA995

Alaska Adventures VA - Flight Director

RTMM Partner/Supporter/User

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