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P-series Mini-Tours Jan 2017

Posted on 01/09/2017 by Norm Richards

Non-Scheduled Passenger Flights Series: P001 through P010 Mini-Tours and P001-P010 Circuit Tour>

These mini-tours are ten Non-Scheduled Passenger flight legs, (unscheduled but by demand only) from Alaska Adventures - Anchorage Hub.

Each mini-tour will have only two legs (one complete round trip)  and each of these mini-tours will highlight a different new AKA Fleet aircraft that have been recently painted by Bernie Stockwell AKA1335, Reiner Test AKA1384 or Stephan Faessler AKA1491.

Tours: 68-72: P001 through P005 Non-Scheduled Passenger Flights - Scheduled opened January 09th, 2017.

Tours: 73-77: P006 through P010 Non-Scheduled Passenger Flights - Scheduled opening January 16th, 2017. 

Following the ten mini-tours, have prepared a 12 leg Circuit tour for the locations covered in the P001-P010 mini-tours: From at Anchorage: will travel to Palmer, Valdez, Cordova, Seward, Homer, Iliamna, Kenai and eventually returning to our secondary Anchorage HUB airport at Lake Strip Hood Z41 and each leg with a different aircraft.

Tour 78: The P001 to P010. Non-Scheduled Passenger Flights Circuit Tour: Scheduled opening January 23, 2017




So stay tuned: Tours 68-77: P001-P010 mini-tours and Tour 78: The P001-P010 Circuit tour are all COMING SOON to Alaska Adventures.



Norm AKA995

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