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Tours: Winter 2016/17 Schedule

Posted on 12/22/2016 by Norm Richards

Welcome back as we are now in the Winter 2016/2017 Flying Season Here at Alaska Adventures.

The following tours/adventures and/or excursions will kick off our Winter 2016-2017 adventure/excursion tour lineup.(The designer reserves the right to change this lineup as deemed necessary).


Tour Tour Full Name Opens Closures
1 Alaska Tour    Closed
2 Water Hop Tour 1   Closed for Season
3 Gulf of Alaska & Peninsula Floats Tour   Closed for Season
4 DC-3 Hops Tour   Closed
5 DC-7 Long Haul   Closed
6 To The Aleutians – Rotorcraft Run   Closed
7 The Flight of the Halibut Tour   Closed
8 Cargo Dawgs 2  Open Closes Jan. 31, 2017
9 Water Hop Tour 2   Closed for Season
10 C185 Amphibious   Closed for Season
11 5 Year+ Anniversary Tour    Closed
12 Aleutian Cannery Tour   Closed
13 Gold Rush   Closed
14 Gone Fishing 1   Closed for Season
15 Gone Fishing 2   Closed for Season
16 Norad 2   Closed
17 Alaska Highways Tour   Closed
18 Spring Bear Hunt   Closed for Season
19 Cruise Ship Tour (Orig 2014 Version)   Closed for season
20 ERA Aviation Tour   Closed
21 Turbo Prop    Closed
22 Iditarod North   Closed for Season
23 Iditarod South   Closed for Season
24 Glacier Tour   Closed
25 King Crab -1   Closed
26 King Crab -2   Closed
27 Disaster Aid Mission   Closed
28 Disaster Aid Mission Home   Closed
29 Remembering Hurricane Irene   Closed
30 9-11 NY Memorial    Closed
31 Olympic Challenge    Closed
32 Watson Hub Closure    Closed
33 St. Petersburg Hub Closure (SPB)   Closed for Season
34  Nome Hub Closure   Closed
35 Across the North in a Cub-1   Closed
36 Across the North in a Cub-2   Closed
37 Across the North in a Cub-3   Closed
38 Across the North in a Cub-4   Closed
39 PNW to the Land of Misty's   Closed
40 Exploration in the RTMM (CIRP1) Open Dec. 21, 2016 Closes April 10, 2017
41 To the Summit and Beyond (CIRP2)   Closed
43  C-47 Short Field Hops - Glacier Region  (SF 1)   Closed
44 2016 Winter Getaway Adventure   Closed
45 2016 Winter Homeward Bound   Closed
46 RTMM - Anchorage, Denali and the Arctic (SDT1)   Closed
47 RTMM - Along the Arctic Coastline (SDT2)   Closed
48 RTMM - Vancouver Island Seaside Floats (VIP)   Closed for Season
49 The Yukon-Alaska Cross   Closed
50 The Inside Passage SPB OPS   Closed for Season
51 RTMM - Into the Interior - C-47 Short Fields  (SF2)    Closed
52 RTMM's "Operation Barnstormers"    Closed
53 RTMM’s “Dispatch 006 - The Lighthouses”   Closed for Season
54 RTMM - Twin Otter Spotter - BC to the Gulf of Alaska   Closed
55 Tongass National Forest Exploration  (Floats)   Closed for Season
56 RTMM’s Dispatch 002: North of Yes Bay Cabins   Closed for Season
57 BC Lighthouses - Ocean Falls to Vancouver Harbour   Closed for Season
58 Prince of Wales Island – Fly-in Fishing   Closed for Season
59 RTMM - Challenge of the Doratidi Trail (SDT3)   Closed
60 Seward-Chenega Bay POI Excursion   Closed
61 Exploration PFJ-Owikeno-Kimsquit Area   Closed
62 RTMMs The Lost Treasure of Timuquan   Closed
63 RTMM - Kenai, Chugach and Prince William Sound   Closed
64 Alaskan Tack to Milepost 33 Chitina- PC-6C-H2 Open Oct. 12, 2016 Closes Feb. 28, 2017
65 Tack Two Barrow Open Oct. 22, 2016 Closes Feb. 28, 2017
66 The Pacific Coast Stopovers in the Beech 18 Open Nov. 02, 2016 Closes March 31, 2017
67 The Rocky Mountains  Stopovers in the C-47 Open Nov. 09, 2016 Closes March 31, 2017
67C The Three Stars - 2016 AKA Christmas Expedition Open Nov. 25, 2016 Closes Jan 31, 2017
68-IP-S01E01A Ice Pilots NWT – S01E01A Buffalo Air – The Sked Coming Jan. 2017  
68-IP-S01E01B Ice Pilots NWT – S01E01B Buffalo Air - Mackenzie Valley Run Coming Jan. 2017  
69P001 P001. Scheduled Passenger Flight: From Anchorage Hub Coming Jan. 2017  
69P002 P002. Scheduled Passenger Flight: From Anchorage Hub Coming Jan. 2017  
69P003 P003. Scheduled Passenger Flight: From Anchorage Hub Coming Jan. 2017  
69P004 P004. Scheduled Passenger Flight: From Anchorage Hub Coming Jan. 2017  
69P005 P005. Scheduled Passenger Flight: From Anchorage Hub Coming Jan. 2017  
69P006 P006. Scheduled Passenger Flight: From Anchorage Hub Coming Jan. 2017  
69P007 P007. Scheduled Passenger Flight: From Anchorage Hub Coming Jan. 2017  
69P008 P008. Scheduled Passenger Flight: From Anchorage Hub Coming Jan. 2017  
69P009 P009. Scheduled Passenger Flight: From Anchorage Hub Coming Jan. 2017  
69P010 P010. Scheduled Passenger Flight: From Anchorage Hub Coming Jan. 2017  
69P001-P010 P001 to P010. Scheduled Passenger Flights Tour-1: From Anchorage Hub Coming Jan. 2017  


NOTE: Commencing with Tour 61: We now have over 1000 tour flights. To maintain order in the database, flights numbered 1000 and over will be numbered and entered in Blue Box as AKAT-01000, AKAT-01001, AKAT-01002 etc.   (This will permit the database to maintain order and sequence upto AKAT-99999. (99,000 tour type flights).

NOTE: Commencing with Tour 66: Have introduced New a tour type for "Stopovers" or an intermediate landing location within a flight leg. 

The stopover or the intermediate landing stop within a flight leg is a designated stop- Landing and Take off) that is required after the initial departure location and before the final destination landing location. This results in two recorded landings in each -SO flight leg: using the new feature of "Continue" Flight in Blue Box.

The tour download is a requirement to be able to run these new "stopover" tours as the tour document conveys the intermediate stop location.

These Stopover type tours with -SO Flight legs contain a difficulty factor HARD: with the following condtions:

1) There is a -400fpm landing requirement for both the landing at the intermediate stopover location as well as at the final destination: so two landing per flight legs at or under -400fpm.

2) No autopilot use permitted

3) No GPS Use: Blue Box must maintain Navigation Mode "NAV".

So the Stopover tour flight legs are intended to be a manual fly and manual navigation. (Sky-vector map links are provided in all tour downloads and are also prepared for the Stopover type tours for each -SO flight leg.

"Stopover" tour flight legs are indicated by "-SO" after the flight number and are easily recognizable. _SO flight legs are entered into Blue Box as Follows: IE: AKAT-01089-SO    AKAT-01107-SO.


(All float tours are now closed until Spring 2017 due to ICE conditions!)


Bring on "Winter" as new excursions continue to come your way: Clean up and tune up your wheels and skis for the Winter season and get those floats and amphibians Winterized. Get ready to for a real challenger in the new stop-over Tours plus Ice and Snow!.

Just a reminder that there is also a tour download for each tour: which includes tour details, most with prepared flight plans as well as sky-vector map links and some with special add-on scenery to enhance your sim scenic environment.  Tour downloads are a must requirement for the new Stopover Tours. Please be sure to download the tour package for each tour as they contain vital information and conditions that directly pertain to that said tour.  

We hope you continue to join us here for a great year and if you want some great flying adventures in excellent scenery areas, with a great bunch of fellow pilots, "Bush at its best", so to speak, stay with us here at Alaska Adventures VA.




AKA (Alaska Adventures) Flight Legs – Overview and Update


The Flight leg Numbering System

Our flight leg numbering system will follow a simple structure outlined as follows: 

The first flight Leg: We have Flight leg AKA001 which, as stated in the current Ops manual, is a new joining pilot’s first flight that he/she should fly after joining the site. It is a short and not very complex flight and will be maintained until such time that a new Ops manual is in place.

Adventure/Tour Flight Legs: Flight Number Format: AKAxxx-T  and AKAT-xxxx

Flight legs that are comprised within the structure of our adventure/tours are designated with initials AKA then 1234 (xxx flight number), followed by – T.

Currently, we have over 700 tour flight legs (AKA001-T through AKA704-T) which make up all of individual flight legs that are designed for the tours or adventures.   

Any of these AKAxxx– T flights can be flown as single legs but their purpose is to be flown in conjunction with the series of adjoining flight legs which make up the various tours* or adventure components. (*Pilots must be an active participant in the said tour to have these flight legs accumulate towards the completion objective of that said tour.)

Single Cargo Flight Legs: Flight Number Format: AKCCxxx       

There are many flight legs which are just single flight legs designated as cargo flights legs that have various routes that pilots may wish to fly cargo. Cargo Payment for flying these cargo flight legs is made based on the weight of assigned cargo.

The Initials for these cargo flights are now AKC – Alaska Adventures CARGO. Currently, we have over 100 cargo designated flight legs (AKCC001 through AKCC103). If flown in sequential order, for the most part, they are like sequential tour flight legs: they follow a route.

Single Passenger Flight Legs: Flight Number Format: AKAPxxx

There are many single flight legs which are just single flight legs designated as passenger flights that have various routes that pilots may want to fly passenger. Passenger payment for flying these passenger flight legs is made based on number of passengers and fare rate per passenger.

These single passenger flight legs are now designated as AKAP + xxx flight number. (P indicates passenger flight so they are easily recognizable as single passenger flights)

Currently we have hundreds and hundreds of single Passenger flight legs. These single flight legs are currently being numbered into the format: AKAP001 through AKAP999.


AKA Flight Director

Norm Richards AKA995



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