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Avg Landing: -215

Our Flights

  • Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

  • Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Status
    AKA195-TPer EnbergGF2GF22DHC2 TURBO-A01.26.15-452 ft/mAccepted
    AKA194-TPer EnbergGF22GF2DHC2 TURBO-A01.03.06-104 ft/mAccepted
    AKAT-01198-6AJohn DeanHI49PHMKC185F-A301.28.33-148 ft/mAccepted
    AKA107-TCarlos Silveira7KA58ADHC2 BEAVERA00.51.32-337 ft/mAccepted
    AKAIP0084-5N0Norm RichardsLIMFLIRFCL21501.50.09-321 ft/mAccepted
    AKA186-TPeter WoodwardGF22GF1DHC2 TURBO-A01.11.23-63 ft/mAccepted
    AKAT-01211-6AReiner TestKMRYKFOTC130 01.46.43-464 ft/mAccepted
    AKA556-TJohn Croxford PAKWPAKTJ3 CUB00.47.44-111 ft/mAccepted
    AKA555-TJohn Croxford PANTPAKWJ3 CUB01.03.53-52 ft/mAccepted
    AKA-C908Alvin HolleyPANCPAGKC20801.13.40-169 ft/mAccepted

  • August 2017 Greased Landings

    AKA1288James L SmithJ358AKPAAQ-12 ft/min
    AKA1494Alvin HolleyB430PAENPANC-18 ft/min
    AKA573Zoran MaksicC208PAILPAEN-20 ft/min
    AKA1621Carlos SilveiraDHC2Z71PWR-29 ft/min
    AKA1288James L SmithJ3PAZKPASP-35 ft/min
    AKA1456Doug WilkinsonAC50PABTSHG-39 ft/min
    AKA1288James L SmithJ3PAWS77AK-41 ft/min
    AKA1288James L SmithC215CYQTCYSB-42 ft/min
    AKA1288James L SmithJ3AK40PAMC-51 ft/min
    AKA1542John Croxford J3PANTPAKW-52 ft/min

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