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      57. BC Lighthouses - Ocean Falls to Vancouver Harbour Excursion - Open June 13, 2016   06/11/2016

      57-BC Lighthouses - Ocean Falls to Vancouver Harbour - Open June 13, 2016 In tour 53. RTMM Dispatch 006 - The Lighthouses - (May 2, 2016), we started at CAH2 Ocean Falls SPB and flew northward visiting lighthouses in Alaska. In this excursion: we will commence flying out of CAH2 Ocean Falls, Canada but heading southward traveling via the western side of Vancouver Island covering many of the Lighthouses then southward still to view a few points of interest along Olympic National Park, in Port Angeles, Washington USA, before heading back northward for the final few legs destined Vancouver Harbour (CYHC). This dispatch is a totally different type of adventure being a “search and locate type” dispatch where there is a known starting point and static navigational maps: (non-moving maps), to each of the following points or locations with no formalized .pln type flight plans. In this trip, Sky Vector map links for each leg have been created and are provided in the tour download. Feel free to utilize other map sources IE: Google Maps to assist you with land marking. The recommended aircraft for this adventure is the reliable DHC-2 Beaver: float or amphibian version but you can use any similar aircraft variation as long as it is a float or amphibian as all of these locations are water moorings. We hope you enjoy finding all the lighthouses and other points of interest. This excursion has 20 Legs: Flights AKA941-T through AKA960-T. The accompanying tour download is available in the downloads section.       Norm AKA995
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      58. Prince of Wales Island – Fly-in Fishing - Open June 13, 2016   06/13/2016

      58-Prince of Wales Island – Fly-in Fishing - Open June 13, 2016 Prince of Wales Island and the surrounding marine waters offer an excellent opportunity for both saltwater and freshwater free fishing games: One of the best fishing areas for King Salmon and Halibut on the entire west coast. The extensive road system on the island provides good access to coastal areas, as well as many streams, rivers and lakes but this trip is a fly-in fishing excursion! We will circumference the Prince of Wales island to some 14 Seaplane bases where their locations located around the island provide great access to the best fishing in the world. We are extending our time on this island to fly into various locations on the island and get in some great fishing. The recommended aircraft for this adventure is the Cessna 172, (a C182 or the reliable DHC-2 Beaver also works well or any type similar) - but it must be a float or amphibian version as all of these locations are all sea plane bases: water moorings. As all of the flight legs between the SPB are very short we’ll get some nice extended time fishing in these waters. Sky Vector map links have been provided for each leg and are packaged in the tour download.  We hope you enjoy the fly-in and fishing for King and Halibut around this island. This dispatch adventure has 14 Legs: Flights AKA961-T through AKA974-T. The accompanying tour download is available in the downloads section.      Norm AKA995
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      Spring-Summer Excursions 2016   06/29/2016

      Spring-Summer Excursions 2016 The following tours/adventures and/or excursions make up our Spring and Summer Lineup tour lineup. The designer reserves the right to change this lineup so the list is subject to change with or without notice.   Tour #     Tour Name                                               Activation Date 46.          Anchorage, Denali and the Arctic SDT1          March 1, 2015 47.          Along the Arctic Coastline SDT2                      April 01, 2016 48.          Vancouver Island Sea side Floats (VIP)           April 18, 2016 49.          The Yukon-Alaska Cross                                  April 18, 2016 50.          The Inside Passage - SPB OPS                       April 18, 2016 17.          The Alaska Highways Tour                               April 25, 2016 14.          Gone Fishing Float Plane Tour  (1)    v2016    April 27, 2016 07.          The Flight of the Halibut Tour                           April 30, 2016 51.          Into the Interior - C-47 Short Fields                  May 02, 2016 52.          RTMM's Operation Barnstormers                     May 02, 2016 53           RTMM Dispatch 006 - The Lighthouses           May 02, 2016 12.          Aleutian Cannery Tour v2016                           May 25, 2016 13.          Gold Rush Tour v2016                                      May 25, 2016 14.          Gone Fishing Float Plane Tour  (2) v2016        May 25, 2016 54.          Twin Otter Spotter-BC to the Gulf of Alaska     May 30, 2016 19.           Cruise Ship Tour v2014                                    May 30, 2016 55.          Tongass National Forest Exploration                June 01, 2016 56.          RTMM Dispatch 002 - Yes Bay Cabins             June 07, 2016 57.          BC Lighthouses - Ocean Falls to Van.Harbour June 13, 2016 58.          Prince of Wales Island – Fly-in Fishing              June 13, 2016 25.          Alaskan King Crab - 1 v2016                              June 14, 2016  26.          Alaskan King Crab - 2 v2016                              June 14, 2016  10.          C185 Amphibious Tour                                       June 29, 2016 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 59.          Challenge of the Doratidi Trail                       Coming @ Aug 20, 2016 60.          Kenai, Kodiak and the Ring of Fire                 To be Confirmed     The transition to the new spring and summer lineup of tours began on March 1, 2016 and will continue as listed above. As the ice thaws and the warmth of spring and summer comes to this area all the waterways become available once again for floats and amphibious aircraft. Bring on "Spring and Summer" as new excursions come your way: Clean up and tune up your floats and amphibians for the Spring and summer season. Just a reminder that there is also a tour download for each tour: which includes tour details, most with prepared flight plans as well as skyvector map links and some  with special add-on scenery to enhance your sim scenic environment.   We hope you continue to join us here for a great year and if you want some great flying adventures in excellent scenery areas, with a great bunch of fellow pilots, "Bush at its best", so to speak, stay with us here at Alaska Adventures VA.   Norm AKA995
    • AKA995

      59. Challenge of the Doratidi Trail SDT3 - Open Aug 17, 2016   07/28/2016

      Open Aug. 17, 2016 59. Challenge of the Doratidi Trail SDT3 This is Challenge of the “Doratidi” Trail SDT3: An Iditarod trip of sorts! In this excursion, the areas of the Doratidi, which is actually the reversed routes of the Iditarod Trail, will be featured. The required scenery files for SDT3 as well as Unalakleet (PAUN) airport scenery will be contained within the FlyAKA tour download. (A special thanks to Brad Allen (RTMM) and fellow pilot here at Alaska Adventures for the tour design as well as the RTMM SDT3 add-on scenery for the tour (Buildings/hangers etc.) The recommended aircraft for this adventure will be the Maule M-7 "Orion" but there are many similar aircraft that you can use IE: C185, DHC-2 etc. These aircraft are great for short fields, fast cruise, a good climb rate, good maneuverability as well as good visibility. The adventure, has 18 legs. So now Live, upon Brad Allen's return from his real life adventure to Alaska. we bring you Tour # 59. Challenge of the Doratidi Trail SDT3. Welcome Home Brad. (For details of Brad's trip see RTMM Forums - Brad's itinerary and pictures sent in from Alaska!!) http://forum.mistymoorings.com/index.php?topic=3092.msg26306#new   Norm AKA995  


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