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    • New RTMM Adventures are on the way - You will need RTMM Scenery   10/21/2015

      All Pilots: Please be advised that the new adventure PNW to the land of Misty's requires RTMM scenery (Misty's Place). Following this more RTMM adventures are planned IE: Exploration into RTMM CIRP and various locations will require RTMM scenery and CIRP scenery files installed to properly display the ice fields for landing locations. That Exploration into RTMM CIRP is already in design start and it won't be too long before it is released. RTMM scenery will be required for a few following adventure tours so please prepare and install the RTMM scenery (All free) which is available from Return to Misty Moorings: http://return.mistymoorings.com/ Thank-you Norm                                     
    • Exploration into the RTMM’s CIRP Adventure (CIRP1) - Active Nov 5, 2015   11/04/2015

      "Return to Misty Moorings presents . . . . The Cambria Icefield Research Project (CIRP) Introduction: Return to Misty Moorings focuses on the Tongass Fjords and ORBX PFJ geographical areas. Within PFJ is a fascinating geography that is very unlike the rest of the scenery area … the glaciers. The glaciers cover a great expanse of our geographic operating area and we decided to put this breathtaking scenery to good use for the flight sim community. You will find flying and operating in the glaciers is vastly different than anything you have encountered in the past. We are proud to bring you the Cambria Ice field research Project (CIRP). " And we here at Alaska Adventures are also proud bring you "Exploration into the RTMM-CIRP" Adventure which explores the RTMM locations in the Cambria Ice Fields Project in our VA environment. This is the start of the discoveries within RTMM scenery. So join us in the first exploration. "Exploration into the RTMM-CIRP" Adventure - Active Nov. 5th, 2015 Norm AKA995
    • To the Summit and Beyond (CIRP2) - Active Nov, 18, 2015   11/18/2015

      Nov. 18, 2015 brings “To the Summit and Beyond” adventure which is actually the continuation of the previous CIRP adventure as it has not yet been completed. This “To the Summit and Beyond” (or CIRP2) adventure explores the RTMM locations in the Cambria Ice Fields Project from PF47 Erickson Glacier, PF48 which is the Summit with several separate excursions from Summit and to PF49 which is the Through Glacier before we finally return to Ketchikan and Misty’s in this VA environment. In this CIRP2 adventure, there is even an option to run land explorations with the CIRP Hovercraft or Alvis V431 Stalward. Note: Flight legs # 4 through 8 (AKA672-T through AKA676-T) were designed for RTMM excursions as land excursions in the CIRP Hovercraft MK35 or the CIRP Stalwart Alvis Amphibious vehicle V431. If you wish to try to travel via these land vehicles you are able to do as we have now added the both of these amphibious land crafts into our vehicles module. Just be sure to down them from the RTMM CIRP Page at http://www.return.mistymoorings.com/cirp/#e and install them to your SIM and you also can try from a land perspective as well as from the flying these legs from the air. As mentioned, we will be creating new adventures in the RTMM scenery areas. We invite all pilots to visit the RTMM site and start building all of the scenery enhancements into their Simulator systems as this scenery will be required for some of the upcoming adventures into the RTMM areas with the first being the "Exploration into RTMM's CIRP" adventure. It is a requirement that you have the RTMM scenery installed to be able to see the ice locations in your SIM. Note: Flight plans as well as maps for each flight leg of this adventure have been made available and are in the downloads section. Stay tuned for updates on the new RTMM projects. These will continue into 2016. We hope all pilots enjoy flying these RTMM adventures as well as other active tours here at Alaska Adventures. Norm AKA995
    • Adventure Tour Updates - Nov 22, 2015   11/22/2015

      NOTE: Effective date: the St. Petersburg Hub Closure tour which has many water takeoff and landings is no longer available. The weather has become too cold, icy and snowy in Alaska and until spring thaw comes, the St. Petersburg Hub Closure tour is now impossible to fly as the harbors are freezing up. (James Frank (AAC1100) was the last pilot to complete this tour before the big freeze up this week.)  In it's place, we have re-added the Watson and Nome Closure tours back into the active tour lineup and as well note that "the DOGS" have come  out!! and are getting ready for the The Mush tour - It is the Iditarod Northern Tour which is the 795 nm Sled Dog race route and it is now active. Over time will be also building FP(.pln), maps/diagrams as well as direct skyvector mapping links for all the tours. Hope all enjoy the various adventure tours here at Alaska Adventures. Norm AKA995


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    • CIRP2 - Where is Soule Cabin
      I jumped them because I wanted to take advantage of this amazing weather for the mountain flying. The ones I jumped are the land based legs and I can do those in just about any miserable weather (Alaska typical day).
    • Iditarod Northern Tour completed
      sorry Norm it looks like I did AKA352-t twice must of miss read the number  it is hard to read the numbers down here because they are all upside down when they arrive in Auz 
    • Happy Thanksgiving
      Norm, is this a commentary on your view of the US contingency here in AKA? Calling us turkeys? Well, I never ....
    • Happy Thanksgiving
      Happy Thanksgiving to all the US contingent here.   Norm                                          (Poor Turkeys!)
    • CIRP2 - Where is Soule Cabin
      Steven CIRP2.. I see pireps for AKA669-T, 670, 671, 672, then a jump over 677, 678, 679, 680, 681, 682, 683, 684, and 685 so far... (Are you leaving AKA673,674-675-676 for a bit.. and coming back to them? ) Just confirming to make sure the system is ok cause I don't see any pireps for AKA673,674-675-676.. so just making sure. Your CIRP2 looks like this at present: 3 Steven  Almendinger - AKA1261                                           
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