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      Tour Downloads Revamp - Commencing Jan 12, 2016   01/12/2016

      Please be advised that the tour flight plans downloads in the next little while will be undergoing some re-vamping. The downloads for each tour or adventure will be separate and each will be clearly numbered and in sequential order. It will take a little bit to rebuild these tour download links however when done it will be a much better system for the tour downloads section. In the mean time, please excuse the blank download links but they have to be set up to establish sequence. Each tour is now numbered and each tour will have it's own corresponding tour download file in "Downloads\Tours"   * When a tour or adventure is posted as active, whether it's a brand new tour or an older one, there will also be a brand new download for that tour available in downloads: Each will consist of an info document with embedded map or route overview of that tour, flight plans and skyvector map links for each leg of that specific tour plus the award graphic that will be applied on your pilot's profile upon completion of that tour.  Over time, as each tour is made active etc, I will eventually have every tour and their corresponding tour downloads up to date and complete.  Thanks in advance Norm AKA995
    • AKA995

      C-47 Short Fields Glacier Region - Jan.13, 2016   01/13/2016

      Flight legs AKA0705-AKA722-T are now active. Be sure to download the tour information, Flight plans, Skyvector and C-47 Fly AKA Repaint.  RTMM Scenery is Required to see some of the airports and airstrips. See Tour Document.  C-47 Short Field Hops - Glacier Region Adventure         RTMM Scenery Required* -  See below information and notes.*   Every student who has spent more than 20 hours flying an airplane has received some instruction in short- and soft-field landings. It's part of the private pilot tradition, as well as a required training subject. Of course, few instructors—and even fewer of their students—have ever actually landed on a runway either shorter than 1,500 feet, or with six inches of snow, mud, or water standing on it. The soft/short-field thing is a training exercise that's fun to do—and it will pay off if the skills are ever needed in a real-life situation.  The difference between practice and real in the short/soft-field game is that in the real world there is something at stake other than the disappointment of rolling past a specific runway light, or not turning off before passing a designated intersection. When it's actually a short or soft field, the ante is pretty high—you're putting your airplane and maybe your neck on the line.  For that reason, we're going to develop some guidelines that can be used to get you in and out with a minimum of hassle and risk. They'll work in the sort-of-short/soft-field situations that we're likely to see. Here are a few links to assist you in the DC-3 short field takeoffs and landings. *** Takeoffs: http://dc3airways.com/technical/flying_fsx_takeoff.htm http://flighttraining.aopa.org/students/maneuvers/skills/shortsofttakeoff.html  *** Landings: http://dc3airways.com/technical/flying_fsx_landing.htm http://flighttraining.aopa.org/students/maneuvers/skills/shortsoftlanding.html *** Aircraft Recommended: Manfred Jahn's C-47 (v2.0) or the DC-3. These are great vintage aircraft that will indeed test your skills on the short fields.  ------------------------------------- Thanks to Brad Allen (AAC1274), RTMM Admin and RTMM scenery designer, for info on RTMM “short fields” and to Mark Bradshaw (AKA832) for doing the C-47 FlyAKA Repaint. This tour has 18 Legs: Flights AKA705-T Through AKA722-T.       C-47 Short Field Hops - Glacier Region Adventure - Tour Details Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance: 1 Misty’s (PF20) Navman’s Retreat (NAV) (P04B) AKA705-T C-47 70.4 2 Navman’s Retreat (NAV) (P04B) Bronson Creek (CAB5) AKA706-T C-47 30.6 3 Bronson Creek (CAB5) Bowser Lake Airstrip (PF06) AKA707-T C-47 47.3 4 Bowser Lake Airstrip (PF06) Iskut Village (CBU2) AKA708-T C-47 86.4 5 Iskut Village (CBU2) Telegraph Creek (CBM5) (Fed Ex) AKA709-T C-47 36.7 6 Telegraph Creek (CBM5) (Fed Ex) Gilbert Bay Airfield (TF20) AKA710-T C-47 81.5 7 Gilbert Bay Airfield (TF20) Juneau (PAJN) AKA711-T C-47 38.4 8 Juneau (PAJN) Haines (PAHN) AKA712-T C-47 60.9 9 Haines (PAHN) Skagway (PAGY) AKA713-T C-47 14.5 10 Skagway (PAGY) Yakutat (PAYA) AKA714-T C-47 132.5 11 Yakutat (PAYA) Wood Lake Research Camp (PAWL) AKA715-T C-47 116.6 12 Wood Lake Research Camp (PAWL) Gustavus (PAGS) AKA716-T C-47 23.2 13 Gustavus (PAGS) Hoonah (PAOH) AKA717-T C-47 21.9 14 Hoonah (PAOH) Sitka (PASI)  (Fed Ex) AKA718-T C-47 62.8 15 Sitka (PASI)  (Fed Ex) Kake (PAFE)  (Fed Ex) AKA719-T C-47 47.8 16 Kake (PAFE)  (Fed Ex) Petersburg (PAPG)  (Fed Ex) AKA720-T C-47 33.1 17 Petersburg (PAPG)  (Fed Ex) Wrangell (PAWG) AKA721-T C-47 26.9 18 Wrangell (PAWG) Misty’s (PF20) AKA722-T C-47 76.1 Total Distance Of Tour: 993.4 nm   RTMM Scenery Requirements: All Object Library Scenery packages. (http://return.mistymoorings.com/scenery/) RTMM Enhanced Airports-Airstrips ** (You require the add-on RTMM scenery to see these airports) Bronson Creek (CAB5)  Driftwood Depot Elliott Fire Base (PF06) Telegraph Creek (CBM5) (Fed Ex) Gilbert Bay Airfield (TF20)
    • AKA995

      The 2016 Winter Getaway Adventure - Jan 29, 2016   01/26/2016

      Hope you get your bags packed and are just about ready for a nice Winter vacation in the sunny south!. We leave on January 29, 2016! 44-AKA723-738-T The 2016 Winter Getaway Adventure We all need a winter getaway from time to time and this winter we have it arranged.  We have a 16 leg excursion from Kenai, Alaska taking us to a 5 day getaway in Palm Springs California to enjoy the hot springs, pools and spas, some golf perhaps and if you want, some outdoor activities of hiking, biking and horseback riding in the Coachella Valley. Reservations have been made at the Riviera Palm Springs Resort for all Alaska Adventure Pilots:  It’s on us!   Just be sure to check in at the concierge desk at the Riviera Palm Springs Resort on your arrival for a five day all-inclusive winter retreat from your arrival date. Your only task is that you have to fly there. So get your Dash 8 or 1900D fueled up and polished for our winter retreat vacation adventure to Palm Springs California. Aircraft recommended: Turboprop Aircraft: Dash 8 or Beech 1900D This trip to Palm Springs has 16 legs, Flights AKA723-T through AKA738-T     Norm AKA995
    • AKA995

      2016 Winter Homeward Bound - Feb 11, 2016   02/08/2016

      After our 2016 Getaway vacation we do need to go home!! So on Feb. 11th comes our 2016 Returning Homeward Bound Adventure. We all need a winter getaway. The festivities, activities and great weather makes the stay at Palm Springs a great holiday getaway but we do have to go homeward bound back to Alaska after the vacation!!  On the way to California we travelled via the western coastal region from Alaska to Palm Springs mostly along the coast but returning home we will be taking a more inland or central route from Palm Springs northward to the USA-Canadian border via Arizona, with a flyby over the Grand Canyon while we’re close, then through Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana before heading northward into Canada via the province of Alberta, into the NWT and the Yukon before finally heading westward into Alaskan airspace.  Aircraft recommended: Turboprop Aircraft: Dash 8-Q400 or a Beech 1900D or reasonable equivalant. This trip from Palm Springs CA back to our home in Alaska has 20 legs: It’s longer this way, but we might as well cover a much air as possible on the way home - via the inland route and a tour of the Grand Canyon and maybe even flyby of Yellowstone National Park), Flights AKA739-T through AKA758-T.     The 2016 Winter home trips commences on Thurs. Feb. 11, 2016. Download for this tour will be available on Feb 10th, 2016. Hope you enjoy the 2016 winter getaway vacation trips down to California and returning homeward bound!.   Norm AKA995
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      Blue Box version 7   02/08/2016

      This is the Final Release of the Blue Box upgrades.  Includes all previous features plus the Pilot Log Book


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    • Won't be flying for awhile...
      Motherboard and cpu are my bottle necks now. Those are the next up grades lol.   As for now though, won't be flying for a couple weeks, again. This time im off to Northern Norway. Should be comfortable out that way.... On the bright side, I think I may get to stay home for a couple months after this trip
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      Tnx!  Everything look GREAT, and also nature in Alaska is fantastic! 
    • Milestone Awards - The 500's and Beyond
      Milestone 750 Hours awarded Feb 12th, 2016:
        Two pilots have achieved the 750 hours Milestone award: 750 hours in flight time flying with Alaska Adventures. They are:   Mr. George Fencik AKA359                  and Mr. Norm Richards AKA995    The 750 Hours Milestone ribbon award has been presented to both of your pilot's profiles. for this accomplishment, Congratulations and great job on your dedicated service.
    • Milestone Awards 0-500
      Milestone 60 Hours awards Feb 13th, 2016:   Two pilots achieved the 60 hours and wings Milestone award today.   They are: Mr. Kenneth Sweeney AKA1263 and Mr. James L Smith AKA1288    The 60 Hours Wings Milestone ribbon award now appears on both of your pilot's profiles. Congratulations and good job. Norm AKA995  
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      Welcome to the site Juraj from Croatia. We hope you enjoy flying over here in this part of the world in the VA environment. And all the best in your real pilot's career... If you need any assistance with anything here, please just let us know. Now where in the world is Juraj you might wonder ?  Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of the country: Republic of Croatia and on the world map it is located here:   Again a warm welcome to you Juraj.   Norm AKA995
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