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      Fall/Winter 2016/17 Lineup** Tour Update and Tour Flight Numbering AKAT-01000   09/08/2016

      Hope all have had a great summer. Welcome back as we approach Fall 2016 and then Winter 2016/2017. The following tours/adventures and/or excursions will kick off our Fall 2016 adventure/excursion tour lineup and later Winter 2016/2017. (The designer reserves the right to change this lineup as deemed necessary). NOTE: Commencing with tour 61, AKA has over 1000 tour flights. To maintain order in the database, flights numbered 1000 and over will be numbered and entered in Bluebox as AKAT-01000, AKAT-01001, AKAT-01002 etc.   (This will permit the database to maintain order and sequence upto AKAT-99999. (99,000 tour type flights).   "Tour Startups"   Tour #                                                                                                                               Active Date 59.          Challenge of the Doratidi Trail SDT3                                                                  August 20, 2016                                                          09.            Water Hop II                                                                                                     Sept. 08, 2016   (Floats - only a month or so left to "float" )         60.          Seward-Chenega Bay POI Excursion                                                                Sept 12, 2016 61.          RTMM Exploration into the Pacific Fjords (PFJ)-Owikeno-Kimsquit Area         Sept 19, 2016 62.          RTMM The Lost Treasure of Timuquan                                                             Sept 19, 2016 63.          Kenai, Chugach and Prince William Sound Exploration                                    Sept. 28, 2016 64.          Alaskan Tack Excursion                                                                                    Oct. 12, 2016 65.         Tack-Two Barrow                                                                                                Oct. 22, 2016 66.         RTMM Alaska Power Project                                                                             To be Confirmed 67.         Kenai, Kodiak and the Ring of Fire   (SDT4)                                                     To be Confirmed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 01.          Original Alaska Tour                                                                                         Oct. 19, 2016 04.          DC-3 Hops                                                                                                       Oct. 19, 2016 05.          DC7 Long Haul                                                                                                 Oct. 19, 2016 08.          Cargo Dawgs                                                                                                    Oct. 19, 2016 09.            Water Hop II                                                                                                    Oct. 19, 2016 11.           Anniversary Tour - 5 Years (and counting)                                                       Oct. 19, 2016 12.          Aleutian Cannery Tour                                                                                       Oct. 19, 2016 16.          Norad Tour                                                                                                         Oct. 19, 2016 20.          ERA Aviation Tour                                                                                              Oct. 19, 2016 21.          Turbo Prop Run                                                                                                 Oct. 19, 2016 24.          Alaska Glacier Tour                                                                                           Oct. 19, 2016    "Tour Close downs account weather!  (Float access starting to freeze over!) Tour #                                                                             Close Down Date 02.           Water Hop I                                                      Oct 19, 2016          03.           Gulf of Alaska & Peninsula Floats Tour           Oct 19, 2016 09.          Water Hop II                                                      Oct 19, 2016 10.          C185 Amphibious                                              Oct 19, 2016 14.          Gone Fishing I                                                   Oct 19, 2016 15.          Gone Fishing II                                                  Oct 19, 2016 19.          Cruise Ship Tour v2014                                     Oct 19, 2016 48.          Vancouver Island Sea Side Floats                    Oct. 19, 2016 50.         The Inside Passage SPB OPS                          Oct. 19, 2016 53.         RTMM's Dispatch 006: The Lighthouses           Oct. 19, 2016 55.         Tongass National Forest Exploration                 Oct. 19, 2016 56.         RTMM's Dispatch 002: North of Yes Bay           Oct. 19, 2016 57.         BC Lighthouses - Ocean Falls to Vanc.Hbr       Oct. 19, 2016 58.         Prince of Wales Island - Fly-in Fishing              Oct. 19, 2016   The transition to the fall lineup began Sept 12, 2016 and will continue as listed above. As the fall season begins, the ice will start to form as the warmth of spring and summer leaves this area: Oct 19, 2016 waterways are starting to freeze up in Alaska so the floats and amphibious aircraft for the most part are closed up. Bring on "Fall and winter" as new excursions come your way: Clean up and tune up your wheels and skis for the Fall and Winter season and get ready to winterize your floats and amphibians. Just a reminder that there is also a tour download for each tour: which includes tour details, most with prepared flight plans as well as skyvector map links and some with special add-on scenery to enhance your sim scenic environment.   The next transition will take us into the winter season: On or about - Dec 21, 2016 and the "Real Colds" come out!. We hope you continue to join us here for a great year and if you want some great flying adventures in excellent scenery areas, with a great bunch of fellow pilots, "Bush at its best", so to speak, stay with us here at Alaska Adventures VA.   Norm AKA995
    • AKA995

      2016-09-19 - Tour 62. RTMM's The Lost Treasure of Timuquan Series - Open Sept 19, 2016   09/17/2016

      New Tour 62-RTMM's The Lost Treasure of Timuquan Series is now Active.    This is RTMM’s “The Lost Treasure of Timuquan” series is based on 7 FSX Missions created by RTMM’s Brad Allen converted into a VA excursion here at Alaska Adventures. This tour closely matches the routings as contained in Brad’s FSX Missions except have added one necessary connecting leg for the VA tour environment as well as a closing leg to get us back to Ketchikan (For some Eats!). *RTMM Scenery is required for this adventure. Please refer to the Add-on Scenery requirements readme file in the tour download. FSX users can also download the actual FSX Missions from the RTMM Missions page. (http://return.mistymoorings.com/missions/index.php) For this tour, way-pointed flight plans as well as sky vector map links have been prepared and are included in the tour download. There are two water moorings in this trip. Prayer Lake Cabin and Old Crow. These are not defined as airport locations in your sim so on completion of leg 3, flight (AKA T-01022) and again in leg 6, (Flight AKA T-1025) please save your flights so you will be able to start the subsequent flight(s) at the correct location. leg (To follow the Mission narrative) is the Cessna 172, and then the DHC-2 Beaver Amphibian for the remaining 8 flight legs but you can fly any similar type aircraft.stThis adventure has nine flight legs and recommended for the 1 Flights AKA T-01020 through AKA T-01028.
        All the best flying the RTMM's The Lost Treasure of Timuquan   Norm AKA995
    • AKA995

      2016-09-28 - Tour 63. Kenai, Chugach and Prince William Sound Exploration - Open Sept 28, 2016   09/21/2016

      63. AKA T-01029-01048 Kenai, Chugach and Prince William Sound Exploration This excursion begins at Nenana (PANN) travelling southward into the Kenai Peninsula and into Western Chugach: beginning at Mile Marker 13.5 along the Seward Highway heading North from Seward, Alaska and end at Mile Marker 46.0 which is just above the Summit Lake SPB (52Z) then eastward into Prince William Sound on the south coast of the Gulf of Alaska.  This trip contains exploration into many settlements on the sound, which contains numerous small islands; including Cordova and Whittier plus the Alaska native villages of Chenega and Tatitlek. Most of the land surrounding Prince William Sound is part of the Chugach National Forest; the second largest national forest in the U.S. Prince William Sound is ringed by the steep and glaciated Chugach Mountains. The coastline is convoluted, with many islands and fjords, several of which contain tidewater glaciers. The principal barrier islands forming the sound are Montague Island, Hinchinbrook Island, and Hawkins Island. So get ready for detailed exploration into these areas. This is a warm up tour of sorts ending at the largest port at the southern terminus of the Valdez. (In a later adventure, we will explore the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System itself starting at Valdez with the RTMM BWEP pipeline scenery add-on enhancements).   This trip is in the SAK Area and there are RTMM add-on sceneries required to enhance this trip. Be sure to read the AKA tour download for the specific Add-on Scenery Requirements.  The download for this Tour #63 is now available in Tour Downloads. Aircraft: The airports contained in this trip are all land moorings so a wheeled aircraft is ideal. The C185 or DHC-2 Beaver again make great aircraft to use in this tour but you are not limited to them. The Maule, Cub, Cessna’s etc. or any similar type airplanes as well as Alaskan type rotorcraft are great for site seeing in this trip.  This excursion has 20 legs: Flight numbers AKA T-01029 through AKA T-01048.   Enjoy the excursion into the Kenai, Chugach and Prince William Sound areas. Norm AKA995
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      2016-10-12 - Tour 64. Alaskan Tack to Mile 33 Chitina - Open Oct. 12 , 2016   10/12/2016

      64-Alaskan Tack to Mile 33 Chitina In this excursion, we are departing Juneau and heading south: making our way southward as far as Sandspit before tacking back northward to Milepost 33 on the Edgerton Highway to the Village of Chitina and they await our visit. Chitina is 120 miles northeast of Valdez, and 66 miles southeast of Glennallen. The village of Chitina was established in 1910 as the northern terminus of the Copper River & Northwestern Railway and acted as a railroad and mining supply town for the Kennecott Copper Mines at McCarthy. Today, Chitina has a population of 132 and is the gateway to the McCarthy Road and Wrangell–St. Elias National Park. Motorists stop in Chitina for food and lodging on their way to the Kennicott/McCarthy area. Note: There is no special add-on scenery required but all previously installed sceneries from ORBX bases to terrain regions of SAK and PFJ, to the RTMM Snow Dogs scenery (SDT1, SDT2, SDT3 from previous tours 46, 47 and 59 do enhance the scenery locations that are covered in this excursion. We're off in the new Tim Conrad’s Pilatus Porter PC-6C H2 and in the new AKA PAINT created by Stephan Faessler for this 20 leg “Tack” excursion: AKA Flights AKAT-01049 through AKAT-01068.     Enjoy the trip.   Norm AKA995
    • AKA995

      2016-10-22 - Tour 65. Alaskan Tack Two Barrow - Open Oct. 22 , 2016   10/22/2016

      This is Tour # 65-Tack Two Barrow To the extreme North we go tacking our way northward to Barrow Alaska. Barrow is the northernmost point in Alaska: at the “Top of the World!”
        This 206 also has retractable gear whereas that Pilatus PC-6C had fixed wheels and a more ridged feeling type air frame. So we continue tacking our way in this 206 to one of the most northern locations in Alaska and perhaps one of the coldest areas so bundle up: Here we go! We are going to try out this new Flightport Cessna U206G Soloy Mark1 for this second tack into the far north. The Cessna U206G Soloy Mark1 has about the same engine speed as the Pilatus PC-6 we used in the previous tour but has a bit more torque so go easy on the throttle.

      Note: There is no special add-on scenery required but all previously installed sceneries from ORBX bases to terrain regions of SAK and PFJ, to the RTMM scenery do enhance the scenery locations but are not imperative for the airports or airstrips that are covered in this excursion.
      The Tour #65 download with all information is now posted in the "Tour Downloads" section.   Hope you enjoy this “tacking” trip from Chitina to Barrow Alaska.         Norm Richards Alaska Adventures AKA995   Oct. 2016


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