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    • Across the North in a Cub Tour NOW LIVE and Active   10/06/2015

      "Across the North in a Cub" Tour This is an announcement and informational forum post to offer some informational background and a brief summary of the itinerary for the new activated tour: "Across the North in a Cub" Tour commenced here at Alaska Adventures at @‌‌ 18:00 EST on Thursday Oct. 8th, 2015. This tour is almost like a four part mini-series with a total of 80 Flights exploring the Great White North in a Piper J3 Cub. From the south to the north, have your favorite Piper Cub ready for this interesting and scenic four part tour. The tour explores many familiar and many not so familiar, rugged, scenic areas and a variety of land airports across the north. (It is a land tour for fall & winter - so in this tour, there are no water landings or water takeoffs required).  The required aircraft is a standard wheeled J3-Cub or any similar type aircraft. In addition, flight plans have been prepared for each leg of this tour in (.pln) format for easy GPS loading via the Flight Planner within FSX/P3D or for load into your favorite mapping program such as GMap, Plan G etc. BUT for those pilots who may want to fly truly “naked” in their Cub: no COMMS, no NAV, no autopilot or anything else except a compass and a map in their hands can fly the correct route by following the “SkyVector” mapping links that have also been prepared for each flight leg of this tour. For anyone wanting the flight plans (.pln) and/or the SkyVector mapping links (.pdf type file), for the entire tour, they will be made available by @‌‌‌12:00 EST on Oct. 8th downloadable from the site under Downloads/FSX Tours Revisited. There will be two downloadable .rar files that contain all the flights plans and SkyVector map links for this tour. The first (.rar) file contains both Parts 1+2   files and the second . rar contains the files for Parts 3+4.  Each part contains all of the flight plans (numbered by flight #) as well as all of the SkyVector links for each of the flight legs contained in that part. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IMPORTANT: SmartCARS: Since all flight legs of this tour are built with the Piper J-3 Cub aircraft, finding the required flights for the CUB tour is very easy. <Select> Flights,  then in the first search box, scroll and <select>  Piper J-3 Cub <Search>. This will display a complete list of all 80 Cub tour flights: listed in numerical order.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The " Across the North in a Cub" Tour vitals have now be calculated and are as follows: : Number of Tour Parts: (4), Flight Legs per Part: (20):   (Total Flight Legs for the entire tour: 80) Start Location: Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada  (100 nautical miles southeast of the Alaskan border) End Location: St. Mary’s, Alaska, USA. (Central Inland: The heart of Alaska) Aircraft Recommended: Piper J3 Cub - Wheeled (Standard) Nautical Miles by part: Part 1=1,067.93 nm, Part 2=500.63 nm, Part 3=713.58 nm, Part 4=846.14 nm: A grand total of  3,128.28 nm. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now that "Cub" tour is active, (Activated on Thursday October 8th), all pilots are cordially invited and more than welcome to be a participant and fly with us and we hope that all of the pilots flying will find it an enjoyable event.  By tour's end, you will have experienced some great scenery: falls colors in forests: the ruggedness of the North, snow capped mountains, glaciers, gorges, lakes, rivers: many breath taking views like nothing else seen on earth. By the end of this tour, not only will you have experienced takeoffs and landings at some of the most well-known or popular airports of the north but additionally, you will also have experienced takeoffs and landings at the most obscure airports of the north and you might just have to learn how to fly their approaches to correctly land your Cub. (All of the flight legs contain real airports - none are fictitious). Also by the end of this tour, you will be a more experienced and a well seasoned Bush pilot indeed, even in this VA world, especially if you are taking a real CUB flying challenge and navigating by the use of the SkyVector mappings alone and landmarks. (After you are all done this tour, you might need a bit of rest and you might want to send your cub in for a complete overhaul of that 65Hp engine, some new rubber and some rudder & flaps adjustment as your Cub will have been well used by the end of this tour). For all your efforts flying this tour, All pilots will be well awarded. For each part of this tour that is completed you will receive not just one award for completion but two. This will include: One standard type ribbon award PLUS one special medal award for each part of the tour that iyou have completed. Your Pilot's profile will be well decorated after flying and completing this tour.  Again the kick off for this tour commenced at 18:00 EST Thursday Oct. 8th , 2015. Good luck and happy flying.   Please also note that all 80 flight legs for this tour (flight numbers: AKA552-T through AKA631-T) have now been activated so these flights are now available to you via the main SmartCARS Flight listings. Since a standard wheeled <Piper J-3 Cub>  is the only aircraft used in this tour, you can also use the aircraft type search criteria <Piper J-3 Cub> in SmartCARS Flights Tab (left "Any" search box), and all 80 flights of this tour will be displayed. In addition, FSX/P3D Flight plans as well as SkyVector Mapping links are available for all 4 parts of the "Cub" tour: Downloadable in Downloads/FSX Tours Revisited: plenty of time for you to download, prep, review and place the files as you need to be ready to fly this tour when it becomes active on the evening of Oct. 8th.   Happy Flying while running any one or more of the 80 cub tour legs as practice flights. This will help you get ready to fly the actual legs in your <Piper J-3 Cub>  when the actual tour begins.    Norm AKA995          
    • Completion of Tours: Pilot Notifications   10/07/2015

      All Pilots: Upon your completion of any of the Tours: Please advise the admin via forum post, in the NOTAMS Section, that you have completed that tour . "Completion of Tours: Pilot Notifications" section under NOTAMS, has been created for this purpose. Your advisement will ensure that your ribbon award is presented to you, (to your pilot's profile), in a timely basis, for that tour completion. Please ensure that you include your AKA Pilot number and the tour (name) that you just have completed.                          Thank-you  


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    • USFS Cabins added to AKA
      By marc2140 · Posted
      Wow, this is great... Cheers
    • Time for a change.....to Blue Box
      By marc2140 · Posted
      OK Henry: These were the first things that came into my mind... Is this program going to have the option of pilots creating their own charter flights? Will all RTMM destinations be in the airports datatbase? Did you ever have a look at VA5financials? Their features with the pilot be able to chose different kinds of freight (bringing money but also stiffer flight requirements) + the detailed passenger lists, ect. are very nice add ons. Cheers
    • How many Do Fly Vatsim
      By AKA995 · Posted
      That might have been me you spotted. I put out a couple of shouts:: "I am one of 14 Vatsim aircraft in the air around in King Salmon area.. Controller is gonna be very busy soon... a parade coming from Anchorage... just went from King to Dillingham for a snack.. now heading back to King.. in the parade.. !! " " ARG Mark!! At 4000' enroute from King Salmon for Dillingham.. I'll just imagine that you are in the FO seat! Yup we missed you last night Mark.. a Great time at King.. but you were there in spirit my friend.."
    • How many Do Fly Vatsim
      By Mark Bradshaw AKA832 · Posted
      ya, saw you on last night Brian - Dillingham to Anchorage or something. Got on late again, and left King Salmon but lost ATC half way through flight again. Going to have to eat quicker and get online earlier so I can finish a flight with them. That and I am in west and I think they are from east!!
    • How many Do Fly Vatsim
      By AKA995 · Posted
      Shouldn't have to say on top.. unless you change use tab... but there is an option in settings to have vpilot stay on top of all apps. If you are using a mic.. you have to have your aircraft on the correct radio frequency of the ATC you are tying to reach: IE: ANC_20>CTR was on 132.80 (as I recall) so you have to have comm 1 or 2 on 132.80 to hear or transmit to that ATC IE: ANC_21_CTR - was on 133.60: Again in this case  you have to have your comm 1 or comm 2 on 133.60 to hear or transmit to that ATC Tower AKN_Tower was on 118.30 (As I recall).. so you have to have your comm 1 standby on 118.30 then flip over it to comm( 1 or 2) to talk to the tower. But it should work and shouldn't have to be on top of apps.. as long as you have your radios set to the correct frequencies. Now if you are text only.. you need it in the foreground to be able to type text. Hope this helps.. a bit.. try it and we can confab later about it.   Norm
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