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      Landing Rate -600fpm as of March 1, 2016   03/19/2016

      Notice to All Airmen: Effective March 1, 2016 only landing rates of -600fpm or less will be accepted for approval of Pireps.  Any landing in excess of -600fpm will be rejected. In addition to landing rates, the following conditions will also result in Pirep rejection: In Air Refueling Over-speed lasting more than 1 min and or occurring more than one time per flight. Stalls occurring below 5000 feet and of course, crashing. AFK condition (when AKF is being required) more than 5 min per tour leg. (Subject to tour conditions) Resetting time to an earlier or later condition. Using GPS on GPS restricted flights A crash either in the air or on the ground Landing at the wrong airport (other than diversion) In addition: You may Pause as many times as you like during the flight, but each flight must be completed within 24 hours.  You may divert to an alternate airport if you are using BlueBoxv3 or higher. ( you will not receive credit for tour leg completion, but you will receive credit for flight hours,) You may substitute an airplane different from the tour suggested aircraft as long as it is similar to the suggested craft. (passenger or cargo capacity, size and style, number of engines and type of engines). Although there could be more restrictions in the future, it is our goal to promote realistic flying and not to reject Pireps.  For now, if there is an unusual circumstance, please make it known in the comment section for consideration. Henry
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      Tours-Adventures-Dispatches: Spring Summer Lineup   05/02/2016

      The following tours/adventures (preliminary) make up our Spring and Summer Lineup tour lineup. The designer reserves the right to change this lineup so the list is subject to change with or without notice. Tour #     Tour Name                                               Activation Date 46.          Anchorage, Denali and the Arctic SDT1     March 1, 2015 47.          Along the Arctic Coastline SDT2                April 01, 2016 48.          Vancouver Island Sea side Floats (VIP)     April 18, 2016 49.          The Yukon-Alaska Cross                            April 18, 2016 50.          The Inside Passage - SPB OPS                 April 18, 2016 17.          The Alaska Highways Tour                         April 25, 2016 14.          Gone Fishing Float Plane Tour   (1)           April 27, 2016 07.          The Flight of the Halibut Tour                     April 30, 2016 51.          Into the Interior - C-47 Short Fields            May 02, 2016 52.          RTMM's Operation Barnstormers               May 02, 2016 53           RTMM Dispatch 006 - The Lighthouses     May 02, 2016 54.          Challenge of the Doratidi Trail                    May 30, 2016 - Tentative - To be Confirmed 55.          Kenai, Kodiak and the Ring of Fire             May 30, 2016 - Tentative - To be Confirmed 14.          Gone Fishing Float Plane Tour   (2)            May 30, 2016 56.          BC to the Gulf of Alaska - C-47 SF3           May 30, 2016 57           Tongass National Forest Exploration          June 13, 2016 58.          In development       The transition to the new spring and summer lineup of tours began on March 1, 2016 and will continue as listed above. As the ice thaws and the warmth of spring and summer comes to this area all the waterways become available once again for floats and amphibious aircraft. Bring on "Spring and Summer" as new excursions come your way: Clean up and tune up your floats and amphibians for the Spring and summer season. Just a reminder that there is also a tour download for each tour: which includes tour details, most with prepared flight plans as well as skyvector map links and some  with special add-on scenery to enhance your sim scenic environment.   We hope you continue to join us here for a great year and if you want some great flying adventures in excellent scenery areas, with a great bunch of fellow pilots, "Bush at its best", so to speak, stay with us here at Alaska Adventures VA.   Norm AKA995


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    • Bailing outa' lighthouse tours
      OK, I shall try this. Thanks! Jim
    • Sewall Airstrip? Seriously?
      Ok Jarold. Got it..  The tour download is now working.. (mis-character in the link.. sorry bout that).. The ink to the tour download is all good now.  And you kinda of needed to get the DL as it contains links to all the scenery pieces which is at RTMM. Several of these airports are only contained in RTMM scenery and won't be in your sim until the scenery is installer.    RTMM Individual Zipfiles Needed for this tour are as follows:
      PF15 - Nadina Mountain Airstrip ( http://return.mistymoorings.com/scenery/zipfiles/nadina_mountain_ranger_station/nadina_mountain_ranger_station_v1.0.zip) PF20 - Misty's Place ( http://return.mistymoorings.com/scenery/zipfiles/mistys_place/Mistys%20Place.zip) PF24 - Sewall Lodge ( http://return.mistymoorings.com/scenery/zipfiles/sewell_lodge/sewall%20lodge%20v1.5.zip) PF17 - Khutze River Lodge ( http://return.mistymoorings.com/scenery/zipfiles/khuntz_river_lodge/PF17_Khutze_River_Lodge.zip) PF10 - Kowesas River Lodge ( http://return.mistymoorings.com/scenery/zipfiles/kowesas_river_lodge/kowesas_river_lodge.zip) PF25 - Wilson River Lodge ( http://return.mistymoorings.com/scenery/zipfiles/wilson_river_lodge/wilson_river_lodge.V1.6.zip) PF27 - Telkwa Mountain Lodge Airstrip ( http://return.mistymoorings.com/scenery/zipfiles/telkwa/telkwa.zip) PF30 - Victory Valley ( http://return.mistymoorings.com/scenery/zipfiles/victory_valley/victory_valley.zip) PF37 - Tezwa River Ranch ( http://return.mistymoorings.com/scenery/zipfiles/tezwa_river_ranch/Tezwa%20River%20Ranch%20v1_4.zip)   RTMM "Barnstormers" Zipfile  -  ( http://return.mistymoorings.com/scenery/zipfiles/barnstormers/Barnstormers.zip) Barnstormers zip file includes the following locations for this trip. PF53 - Detna Creek Airfield, CAS2 - Moose Lake Lodge, CBT3 - Pan Phillips Ranch, Marila Airstrip, PF51 - Streatham Farm Airstrip, So without the RTMM scenery, the many of the airstrips will not exist in your sim.   So put the RTMM scenery in.. and load-er up.. then the airstrips will be present. Let me know if you have any problems. Norm AKA995
    • Bailing outa' lighthouse tours
      When I fly it, planning to find the subsequent point(s) and land there, then when done for the day, will save the finished scenario as default so when start up the sim the next time for the next leg, I'll be at the correct spot to resume. (Well will give it try that way I think and I just hope I can keep my bearings.l).  Norm  
    • Bailing outa' lighthouse tours
      It's a good one indeed. The navigation is a challenge but fun. What I can't seem to figure out is how to re-position the aircraft at the last lighthouse starting point. The aircraft doesn't slew in P3D why the 'Y' key command. I guess I could just leave the sim as is until I start on the next leg? Jim