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We are ranked 117

Avg Landing: -219

Our Flights

  • Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

  • Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Status
    AKAT-01110-SOLuka ZakeljKCOE65SDHC6-W PAX00.53.23-180 ft/mPending
    AKA_NIN_7AK5Miha CegnarNIN7AK5BN200.41.27-161 ft/mAccepted
    AKA008-TDmitry SayapinPANVPABEDHC6-W01.14.19-61 ft/mAccepted
    AKAT-01121-SOJames L SmithCYCDCCI9DHC6-W PAX00.45.41-181 ft/mAccepted
    AKAP001B-5NJim SimsPAAQPANCJ3 CUB00.43.25-85 ft/mAccepted
    AKA_AK18_NINMiha CegnarAK18NINBN200.46.50-54 ft/mAccepted
    AKAT-01112-SOSteven AlmendingerCYYCCYGEDHC6-W PAX01.13.13-143 ft/mAccepted
    AKA CAJ3 CAW4Howard GrantCAJ3CAW4C185F-W00.57.58-251 ft/mAccepted
    AKAP007A-5NReiner TestPAILPAENPC6C-H201.21.51-119 ft/mAccepted
    AKAT-01111-SOSteven Almendinger65SCYYCDHC6-W PAX01.39.44-46 ft/mAccepted

  • January 2017 Greased Landings

    AKA1528Bruno FerreiraAC50PAOTPAOM-3 ft/min
    AKA597Ruberto StutzerDHC5WBQCYDB-12 ft/min
    AKA1491Stephan FaesslerDHC6CYKACEC4-18 ft/min
    AKA1536Miha CegnarJ3PANCPAAQ-18 ft/min
    AKA359George FencikC47CCYZPCBQ8-18 ft/min
    AKA1274Brad AllenC185PF43CZST-20 ft/min
    AKA1536Miha CegnarJ3PAAQPANC-24 ft/min
    AKA1274Brad AllenC185CZSTPF41-25 ft/min
    AKA1532Calvin WaterburyJ3PAAQ4AK6-25 ft/min
    AKA1542John Croxford DHC6CAH4CYWL-27 ft/min

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