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  • Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

  • Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration FPM Status
    AKA661-TCharles ProwsePF43CZSTC185F-W100.10.34-55Pending
    AKA660-TCharles ProwseCZSTPF43C185F-W100.12.12-40Pending
    AKA658-TCharles ProwseCZSTPF42C185F-W100.12.30-44Pending
    AKA659-TCharles ProwsePF42CZSTC185F-W100.14.28-42Pending
    AKAT01293-4N1Peter WoodwardPAMHTLJC185F-T201.12.58-97Pending
    AKAT01304-4N2Norm RichardsHUSPAFMC4701.13.03-43Accepted
    AKAT01292-4N1Peter WoodwardUMMPAMHC185F-T201.14.50-75Accepted
    AKAT01299-4N4James L SmithPAEICHPC4701.25.20-83Accepted
    AKA657-TCharles ProwsePF41CZSTC185F-W100.10.06-36Accepted
    AKA656-TCharles ProwseCZSTPF41C185F-W100.15.0656Accepted

  • January 2018 Greased Landings

    AKA1631Charles ProwseM7PF20PANT-15 ft/min
    1384Reiner TestM7CYZTPANC-15 ft/min
    AKA597Ruberto StutzerDHC39AK3PATK-17 ft/min
    AKA597Ruberto StutzerPA18CYXYCEX4-18 ft/min
    AKA1631Charles ProwseC185PF40CZST-19 ft/min
    AKA1631Charles ProwseC185PAKTCZST-22 ft/min
    AKA1687Tommy BerrierDHC6PAWSPACV-23 ft/min
    AKA1172Gary RollinsPA18CYXYCEX4-23 ft/min
    AKA597Ruberto StutzerC47TSGPAEI-25 ft/min
    AKC1664Marius LovinDC3KMYLCYZT-31 ft/min

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