Anchorage, AK
May 29, 2016

We are ranked 116

Avg Landing: -224

Our Flights

  • Division Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

  • Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Status
    AKA227-TReiner TestPABIPAEIDHC-600.51.38-13 ft/mPending
    AKA1048Howard GrantCAG4CBE8DHC-2 BEAVER01.07.46-72 ft/mPending
    AKA084-TPaul RyderPAQTPABADHC-2 BEAVER01.02.13-108 ft/mPending
    AKA083-TPaul RyderPAGBPAQTDHC-2 BEAVER00.51.10-179 ft/mPending
    AKA761-TElias LegorretaPATKUMMM-7 260C00.47.41-329 ft/mPending
    AKA826-TBernie StockwellCAE3CAM8DHC-2 BEAVER01.03.26-98 ft/mAccepted
    AKA264-TRussell OsburnPAHV6K8BELL 43002.17.45-190 ft/mAccepted
    AKA191-TRaymond BriereGF6GF22DHC-2 TURBO 00.43.32-281 ft/mAccepted
    AKA858-TRuberto StutzerCYPUCYQZC-4700.51.28-157 ft/mAccepted
    AKA857-TRuberto StutzerCAJ4CYPUC-4700.57.00-66 ft/mAccepted

  • May 2016 Greased Landings

    AKA1369Paul RyderDHC2Z71PWR-1 ft/min
    AKA1407Bob NeumanDHC2KDK6R7-1 ft/min
    AKA1369Paul RyderDHC22Z6TKE-2 ft/min
    AKA1305Roger TriplettDHC2PABEPAMC-2 ft/min
    AKA1384Reiner TestDHC2OOH5Z1-3 ft/min
    AKA1369Paul RyderDHC268A63A-3 ft/min
    AKA1369Paul RyderDHC25Z13Z9-3 ft/min
    AKA1231Howard GrantDHC2CAW5CAW9-4 ft/min
    AKA1369Paul RyderDHC25KEKCC-4 ft/min
    AKA1369Paul RyderDHC25KEKCC-4 ft/min

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FAA Delays

No delays affecting Alaska Adventures Operations at this time.

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Howard GrantNorway
Russell OsburnUnited States
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Nacho ConsolaniArgentina
Lee CohenUnited States
    Rank ICAO Pilots Flights Hours Score
    1 PAJN 80 367 284:2 1303
    2 PACD 68 258 245:31 931.52
    3 PANC 53 151 103:14 294.12
    4 PAFA 55 71 61:31 79.41
Route of the month
Flight AK736
Departure D66
Arrival PAVD
Aircraft AC50 - N333AK
Estimated Time 2:09