• Cargo Division Cargo Division comming soon to Alaska Adventures. Seperate planes, scheduling, and hubs. Bringing back some retired aircraft as-well as adding some new one. More info to come soon.
  • Dirty Birds Alaska Adventures released a few dirty birds on selected planes for FS2004 and FSX. The dirty birds are modified by modified by Rob Potter. You will start seeing these birds in the download very soon.
  • Alaska Adventures Hub Sites Alaska Adventures will soon be releasing a website for each of our 6 hubs. Each hub site will have the hubs pilot roster, statictics for the hub, hub information, and hub releated news. All the hub sites should be done withing the next two weeks.

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Welcome to Alaska Adventures

Posted by Eddie Baker on 07/25/2014

The mission of Alaska Adventures is dedication to the highest quality of realism, professionalism, and customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and spirit. Creativity and innovation are encouraged for improving the realism and effectiveness of Alaska Adventures. Above all, Alaska Adventures provides the concern, respect, and caring attitude for every pilot and team member. At Alaska Adventures, our pilots are our top priority. Every pilot recognizes our goal of excellent customer service, regardless of rank or job description. It is this innovative attitude that has truly made Alaska Adventures, it's pilots, and it's staff what they are today.

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Our Flights

  • Division Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

  • Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
    AKA002Ron SeegerPAAQPAVDAC5000.450 ft/mAccepted
    AKA002Ron SeegerPAAQPAVDAC5000.450 ft/mAccepted
    AKA045Michael WardZ41PAFAB19000.29.05-30 ft/mAccepted
    AAC202James FrankPAJNCYXQDHC601.57.27-269 ft/mAccepted
    AAC176James FrankSAGPAFBSP701.46.43-92 ft/mAccepted
    AAC203James FrankCYPRPAJNDHC501.35.59-361 ft/mAccepted
    AAC116John CostaCYDQCZSTSP701.46.5842 ft/mAccepted
    AKA407Michael WardHRRPACRAC50000.23.22-212 ft/mAccepted
    AAC198James FrankPAVCPAPBDHC501.23.17-295 ft/mAccepted
    AAC201James FrankPADUAK5DHC501.26.39-251 ft/mAccepted

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