• Cargo Division Cargo Division comming soon to Alaska Adventures. Seperate planes, scheduling, and hubs. Bringing back some retired aircraft as-well as adding some new one. More info to come soon.
  • Dirty Birds Alaska Adventures released a few dirty birds on selected planes for FS2004 and FSX. The dirty birds are modified by modified by Rob Potter. You will start seeing these birds in the download very soon.
  • Alaska Adventures Hub Sites Alaska Adventures will soon be releasing a website for each of our 6 hubs. Each hub site will have the hubs pilot roster, statictics for the hub, hub information, and hub releated news. All the hub sites should be done withing the next two weeks.

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ERA Tour

Posted by Bruce Russell on 01/21/2015

Era Aviation was a small regional airline founded in 1984 by Jim Tweto. Operating out of Unalakeet Era served small communities in western Alaska with scheduled and charter flights. Era was made famous by the 2011 to 2012 Discovery Channel series Flying Wild Alaska, which chronicled the day to day operation of the family run business. Mergers and acquisitions over the years have resulted in Era now flying under the banner of Ravn Alaska, the largest regional carrier in the state. For the complete story Google Era Aviation. Crisscrossing western Alaska, this tour visits 21 destinations now serviced by Ravn. For more history about Era Google Era Aviation. Almost all the destinations will be new to Alaska Adventures pilots as they have not been on the AKA schedule. At his time of year, depending on the latitude, Alaskans can look forward to 1 to 5 hours of daylight each day. Flying in the dawn and twilight hours will produce some spectacular skyscapes. All destinations have rotating beacons and runway lighting to assist AKA pilots. Most destinations are short field gravel airstrips, so select an aircraft suitable for the flying conditions.The tour will run until the middle of March. For more information click here!. Click here to sign up for the ERA Tour!.

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Our Flights

  • Division Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

  • Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
    AKA001Scott McCainZ41PAAQDHC600.27-517 ft/mApproval Pending
    AKA066Norm Richards2AK5AK0AC50000.52-295 ft/mAccepted
    AKA065Norm RichardsSRV2AKAC50000.38-364 ft/mAccepted
    AKA064Norm RichardsPADQPANCC-130 00.44-234 ft/mAccepted
    AAC245Jeremy HannedouchePASIPAFEDHC600.22-88 ft/mAccepted
    AKA246-TMarcel MaexCYXJCYYEDHC201.10-523 ft/mAccepted
    AKA1221Howard GrantFNRPECDHC200.27-378 ft/mAccepted
    AKA915Victor MartinezPAOMPAOTC20602.04.08-148 ft/mAccepted
    AKA245-TMarcel MaexCYDQCYXJDHC200.18-211 ft/mAccepted
    AKA039Enrico FolgorettiPATWPAXKPA2000.52-474 ft/mAccepted