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More in 2016

Posted by Norm Richards on 01/22/2016

Welcome to 2016 and the new flying season continues at Alaska Adventures.

The C-47 Short Field Hops Adventure in one of the Glacier Regions of Alaska is well underway. We are using a Douglas C-47 v2 or C-117 (by Manfred Jahn) or a DC-3 type aircraft on some very "short fields". This C-47 tour has already proved to be a challenge and an enjoyable adventure. Might want to become as participant in this adventure and give it a try.

Also well under way is our 2016 Winter Getaway Adventure. We are almost in the middle of winter up here in Alaska and we all needed a winter getaway from time to time so this winter it is arranged! We have a 16 leg excursion from Kenai, Alaska taking us to a 5 day getaway in Palm Springs California to enjoy the hot springs, pools and spas, some R & R or some golf perhaps and if you want some outdoor activities there is hiking, biking and horseback riding in the Coachella Valley under the nice California sunshine. Brush up on your Dash 8 or 1900D skills as you are going to need them in a couple of weeks to defeat those winter blues away heading to California for this Winter Getaway Adventure!!.

We are planning to bring you many new flying adventures and excursions this year and perhaps even a few more surprises like the following upcoming trip:

NEW: After our vacation we do need to go home!! So on Feb. 11th comes our 2016 Returning Home Adventure.

45. 2016 Winter Homeward Bound

We all need a winter getaway. The festivities, activities and great weather makes the stay at Palm Springs a great holiday getaway but we do have to go homeward bound back to Alaska after the vacation. On the way to California we travelled via the western coastal region from Alaska to Palm Springs mostly along the coast but returning home we will be taking a more inland or central route from Palm Springs to the USA-Canadian border via Arizona, with a flyby over the Grand Canyon while we’re close, then through Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana before heading northward into Canada via the province of Alberta, into the NWT and the Yukon before finally heading westward into Alaska airspace. Aircraft recommended: Turboprop Aircraft: Dash 8-Q400 or a Beech 1900D. This trip from Palm Springs CA back to our home in Alaska has 20 legs: It’s longer this way, but we might as well cover a much air as possible on the way home - via the inland route), Flights AKA739-T through AKA758-T.

The 2016 Winter home trips commences on Thurs. Feb. 11, 2016. Download for this tour will be available on Feb 10th, 2016.

Hope you enjoy the 2016 winter getaway vacation trips down to California and return.

This is just the winter 2016 flying season here at Alaska Adventures. There is lots to come. We are looking forward to doing some new and very interesting things in 2016 and we hope you continue to join us here for a great year. If you want some great flying adventures in excellent scenery areas, with a great bunch of fellow pilots to fly with: "Bush at its best" so to speak", stay tuned and for those who have not flown here before come and join us at Alaska Adventures VA.

Our Flights

  • Division Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

  • Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
    AKA736-TBernie StockwellKRDDKBLUB20000.38.28-740 ft/mApproval Pending
    AKA738-TDaniel ShuronKBFLKPSPB1900D00.35.47-123 ft/mAccepted
    AKAP573Barry MortonPAGYPAHNDHC-2 TURBO 00.18.50-282 ft/mAccepted
    AKA737-TDaniel ShuronKBLUKBFLCRJ-20000.53.57-190 ft/mAccepted
    AKA002-TMichael MeierPPIZBRWDHC-601.23.51-211 ft/mAccepted
    AKA736-TDaniel ShuronKRDDKBLUCRJ-20000.28.52-910 ft/mAccepted
    AKA735-TDaniel Shuron77SKRDDCRJ-20000.46.28-218 ft/mAccepted
    AKA324-TShaun EdgeCYXYPAJNB1900D01.33.53-749 ft/mAccepted
    AKA734-TDaniel Shuron05S77SB1900D00.58.46-160 ft/mAccepted
    AKA735-TRuberto Stutzer77SKRDDB1900D01.29.43-25 ft/mAccepted