• Cargo Division Cargo Division comming soon to Alaska Adventures. Seperate planes, scheduling, and hubs. Bringing back some retired aircraft as-well as adding some new one. More info to come soon.
  • Dirty Birds Alaska Adventures released a few dirty birds on selected planes for FS2004 and FSX. The dirty birds are modified by modified by Rob Potter. You will start seeing these birds in the download very soon.
  • Alaska Adventures Hub Sites Alaska Adventures will soon be releasing a website for each of our 6 hubs. Each hub site will have the hubs pilot roster, statictics for the hub, hub information, and hub releated news. All the hub sites should be done withing the next two weeks.

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Flight Tours Revisited

Posted by Norm Richards on 08/27/2015

Five new or "revisited" Alaska Adventures tours have been completed: Float Tour 1, Water Hop Tour, Float Tour 2, DC-3/DC-7 Tour and the 5 Year(PLUS) Anniversary Tour have now been restored and are active in the tour section.

The Float Tour 1 was originally on Alaska Adventures as the ”2008 Float Tour” and has been rebuilt and modified as a new tour mostly flying the coastal areas of Alaska. Tour has 19 Legs, Flights 001-T through AKA019-T.

The Water Hop Tour was originally on Alaska Adventures as the ”2010 Water Hop Tour” and has been rebuilt and modified as a new tour mostly flying the Sea plane bases on the west coast of Alaska. The tour has 12 short Legs, Flights 020-T through AKA031-T. "Enjoy the hopping."

The Float Tour 2 was originally on Alaska Adventures as the ”2011 Float Tour” and has been rebuilt and modified as a new tour mostly flying along the west coast and peninsula: Bush flying Lakes and rivers. This tour has 16 Legs, Flights AKA032-T through AKA047-T.

The DC-3/DC-7 Tour has 14 Legs starting and ending at Anchorage (PANC). This tour was originally introduced on Alaska Adventures back in 2012 as the "DC Tour". Flights AKA 116-T through AKA129-T.

The 5 Year(PLUS) Anniversary Tour has 17 legs starting and ending at Lake Hood Strip (Z41). This tour was originally introduced in 2012 as the "5 Year Anniversary Tour": celebrating the 5th anniversary of Alaska Adventures. September 10, 2015 will mark Alaska Adventures' 8th Year anniversary. Congratulations on 8 years’ service. Flights AKA130-T through AKA146-T.

A special thank-you to our CEO & President: Eddie Baker AKA100, for all the hard work and hours spent over the years in creating and maintaining a great virtual airline site: all of its contents and numerous add-ons. Also a thank-you to our Tour Director: Bruce Russell AKA660, for assisting/creating the flight plans and tours that we enjoy to fly and finally to all the VA pilot membership for their continued involvement and support here at Alaska Adventures.

More tours coming in the near future.

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Our Flights

  • Division Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

  • Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
    AKA131-TRonaldo CarvalhoKDKPAKNDHC201.07-141 ft/mApproval Pending
    AKA052Barry MortonSRVPAMCDHC200.42-527 ft/mApproval Pending
    AKA252-TMarcel MaexCYHTCYDBDHC200.29.36-391 ft/mApproval Pending
    AKA153-TGary RollinsPASDKVC0.250 ft/mApproval Pending
    AKA153-TGary RollinsPASDKVC10 ft/mApproval Pending
    AKA130-TRonaldo CarvalhoZ41KDKDHC201.440 ft/mAccepted
    AKA209-TDale TaylorGF16GF23DHC200.41.32-64 ft/mAccepted
    AKA208-TDale TaylorGF23GF16DHC200.54.02-57 ft/mAccepted
    AKA207-TDale TaylorGF8GF23DHC200.25.09-90 ft/mAccepted
    AKA051Barry Morton2AKSRVDHC200.25-644 ft/mAccepted